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Default Builds are templates the game provides in PvP for players who want a quick build before jumping into a match.

Each class currently has two possible builds, each with a short description of its intended function. Before selecting one, it will indicate if there are any special requirements for the build, such as purchased runes or sigils or the Heart of Thorns expansion. If a rune or sigil is needed for the build, a pop-up will appear after selection, indicating which are needed, the total cost, and your current wallet. Rune and sigil unlocks are a one-time purchase and will be refunded should the equipment be removed from PvP in a future patch. For more information on PvP builds and unlock costs, see the general PvP Build article.

When selecting a Default build, if you do not have the appropriate weapons equipped and do not have any in your in your inventory, you will receive Account Bound weapons of Basic rarity. However, if you have the appropriate types in your inventory, you will automatically equip them, possibly soulbinding them without the usual confirmation. [verification requested] You can load a Default Build that you cannot fully use, for example a build that requires an elite specialization on an account without Heart of Thorns, but the inaccessible portion will not load.

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Details: "The Default Builds were identified as being changed in the 26 June 2018 release"

List of builds[edit]