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Disambig icon.png This article is about the elementalist mechanic. For the process that grants an additional infusion slot, see Attuned equipment.

An attunement is a special type of skill exclusive to the elementalist profession. These skills occupy the F1-F4 slots of the mechanic bar by default. There are four attunement skills in total, representing the elements of fire, water, air and earth. Functionality for these skills unlocks as players level. Attunements activate instantly and can be activated mid-cast. When one is activated, the previous attunement recharges for 10 seconds, while other attunements which are ready to use will recharge for 1.5 seconds. Both of these recharges can be reduced by the Elemental Enchantment trait.

Activating an attunement changes the first five skills on the skill bar. Each weapon type has a unique set of skills for each attunement. Elementalists' hands also become enveloped by an aura which identifies that character's attunement. Elementalists do not have a normal state of activity, they are always attuned to an element in any given situation, except when transformed.

List of attunements[edit]

Skill Description Unlock level
Fire Attunement.png Fire Attunement Attune to fire, gaining heavy damage and burning abilities. 1
Water Attunement.png Water Attunement Attune to water, gaining superior support and healing abilities. 5
Air Attunement.png Air Attunement Attune to air, gaining heavy damage and control abilities. 11
Earth Attunement.png Earth Attunement Attune to earth, gaining superior damage-over-time and defensive abilities. 15 [1]

Related traits[edit]

Traits that improve attunements[edit]

Traits that change based on attunement[edit]


  • Attunement counts as a weapon swap for activating sigils.
  • Using an attunement will frequently cause the elementalist to shout out one of the following lines, depending on their race, gender and the attunement used.
Race Attunement
Fire Water Air Earth
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura Observe the power of fire!
Spark to flame!
I have ignition!
Turn up the heat!
Wave and torrent!
The water's rage!
Cleansing will now begin!
Turn the tide!
Let the storms rage!
I summon the winds!
Severe weather warning!
Now they'll feel my turbulence!
Rocks and stones will break your bones!
I command stone and soil!
The earth is my weapon!
Geological forces, at my command!
Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr Bring the flames!
Burn them!
Feel the flame!
Behold the ocean's power!
My power will drown you!
Feel the cold!
Making waves!
Lightning and thunder!
The wind obeys me!
The wind is here!
Storm power!
I can move mountains!
I summon... the power of our lands!
Rock solid!
Strong as stone!
Human tango icon 20px.png Human Feel the fires of Balthazar!
Feeling hot!
Getting hotter!
Here come the flames!
Feel Grenth's icy embrace!
Behold, the ocean's power!
My power is like a tidal wave!
I call upon the storm's power!
Reap the whirlwind!
Dwayna, heed me!
I summon the power of Melandru!
I can move mountains!
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn Fire, do my bidding!
Flames are my friend.
Feel the cold!
Cold power!
The air is mine!
By the winds!
Stronger than stone!
Solid like rock!
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari Fire consumes at my whim!
I channel the flames!
Ferocious fire!
Element of fire, obey me!
I am the flames!
Consuming fire!
Currents flow by my will!
I am river and ocean!
Powerful water!
Element of water, attend me!
I am rain and ice!
Persistent water!
The storm shall bend at my word!
I channel the wind!
Glorious air!
Element of wind, heed me!
I am the wind!
Joyous air!
Earth and stone conform to my will!
I channel rock and soil!
Supportive earth!
Element of earth, hear me!
I am rock and soil!
Solid earth!

When specialized as a weaver, elementalists may shout one of the following on swapping attunements, depending on the two attunements active, regardless of race or gender:

  • Fire Attunement.png  +  Water Attunement.png   "Extreme temperatures time!" - "Conflagration!" - "That's my boiling point!"
  • Fire Attunement.png  +  Air Attunement.png   "You'll melt away!" - "Searing flesh from bone!" - "My flames burn hotter!"
  • Fire Attunement.png  +  Earth Attunement.png   "Blood of the earth!" - "These flames run deep!" - "I recommend.. you run!"
  • Water Attunement.png  +  Air Attunement.png   "Shatter!" - "Feel the chill!" - "Cold bites to the bones!"
  • Water Attunement.png  +  Earth Attunement.png   "Everything erodes, even you!" - "The pressure of the depths!" - "Natural Wrath."
  • Air Attunement.png  +  Earth Attunement.png   "I'll return you to dust!" - "A wind of truth cannot be quelled." - "Blade of the Earth"