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Disambig icon.png This article is about the game's primary form of in-game currency, sometimes known as gold. For the item used in Mystic Forge recipes, see Mystic Coin. For the iconic symbol found in various maps, see Mysterious Coin. For other items referred to as gold, see Gold (disambiguation).

The primary currency of Tyria. Spent at vendors around the world.

— In-game description

Coin is the most widely accepted form of in-game currency and is tracked in three denominations: Copper coin copper, Silver coin silver, and Gold coin gold. The amount of coin you hold is indicated on the bottom right of the inventory panel. Coin can be traded between players via the Trading Post or mail.


Silver coin = 100 Copper coin
Gold coin = 100 Silver coin = 10,000 Copper coin

Cost versus Value[edit]

The wiki uses Cost and Value to mean two different things:

  • Cost is the purchase price listed by vendors.
  • Value is the amount of coin you receive when selling the item to a vendor.


Coin can be obtained by:

Coin find modifiers[edit]

There are several ways to increase the amount of coin you can pick up from enemies.

Effect Source Bonus Gold Notes
Coin Bonus (thirty percent).png 30% Coin Bonus Laureate Coin Booster 30%
Celebration Bonus.png Celebration Bonus Celebration Booster
Birthday Booster
Guild Gold Banner Boost (five percent).png Guild Gold Banner Boost Guild Gold from Kills Banner 5% Does not stack with other guild banner effect
Miscellaneous effect.png Guild Gold Banner Boost Guild Gold and Magic Find Banner
Guild Heroes Banner
15% Does not stack with other guild banner effect
Spirit Banner.png Spirit Banner Boost Spirit Banner 10% Stacks with guild banner effect
Nourishment food.png Nourishment Food consumables 40% Can be obtained from Omnomberry Bar or Peppermint Omnomberry Bar
Gilded Enrichment 20% Enrichments require a level 80 ascended amulet
Gold Find.png Gold Find Essence of Gold
Achievement rewards
Varies Permanent account bonus based on total achievement points earned
Total +220% With account modifiers, this total can be increased further


Coin can be used for:

Value and representation within the game[edit]

In-game examples
Other examples
  • In an interview by the Spanish community with Scott McGough, Angel McCoy and Bobby Stein, when asked about comparing the value of money on Tyria to that of on Earth, the best comparison that could be given was taking the lowest value item (they used an egg, 1 copper) and compare that to local grocery stores. For the average of local US stores, this would put 1 copper to roughly equal $0.15, and 1 gold to about $1,541.67


Related achievements[edit]

  • Tradesman.png Tradesman: Gold HoarderHave 2,000,000 coins in the wallet at one time. (40Achievement pointsTitle: Golden) (Conversion: 2,000,000 Copper coin = 200 Gold coin)


  • The maximum amount of coin you can hold in your wallet is 200,000 Gold coin. If collecting money from the Trading Post would send you over this limit, you cannot collect any money until you store your gold elsewhere first. The Coins from Loot and the 2 Gold coin from the Daily Completionist are lost.
  • The maximum amount of coin you can store in your guild bank is 1000 Gold coin per available tab.
  • You can withdraw up to 500 Gold coin from your guild bank or mail a week. Resets on weekly reset.
  • Trading coin for real-world money is strictly prohibited by ArenaNet. See their Policy: Purchasing Gold from Real Money Traders (RMT) on the official Guild Wars 2 website, and a historical policy for Guild Wars on the Guild Wars Wiki.


  • In the 10 year anniversary infographic, "over 4.5 billion gold coins" are equaled in weight to ten Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of water. Using a formula of <Length>*<Width>*<Depth>*10*<Water density>/<Number of gold coins>*1000 g/kg with the values for the variables as listed in the table bellow, this yields a range of ~0.0051630435 g/gold coin through ~16.6766666630 g/gold coin (~0.0001821210 oz/gold coin through ~0.5882521053 oz/gold coin).
Variable Value
Minimum Maximum
Billion 109 1012
Number of gold coins min(4.5*<Billion>)+1 = 4500000001
(+1 since it's "over".)
max(4.6*<Billion>)-1 = 4599999999999
(Assuming over or equal to 4.6 would
have been used, were it applicable.)
Length 50 m
(May technically be 50.02 m.)
50.03 m
Width 25 m
(Did not find any variation.)
Depth 2 m 6 m
(Arbitrarily chosen.
May still have been higher/deeper.)
Water density 950 kg/m3
(Something lower than at 100 °C
to make sure whatever value was
used to come up with the figure's
definitively included.)
1,000 kg/m3
(Using what's apparently commonly
calculated with here since it is
unclear what was used to come up
with the figure after all.)

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