Stealth Attack

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Stealth Attack is a skill type available exclusively to the thief profession. They replace the thief's first weapon skill while the thief is in stealth and are determined by the weapon set.

List of stealth attack skills[edit]

Weapon Stealth attack Description
Short bow
Surprise Shot.png
 Surprise Shot
Shoot an arrow that immobilizes your foe.
Attack your foe from the shadows, striking for double damage if you hit from behind.
Sneak Attack.png
 Sneak Attack
Sneak attack with rapid fire from your pistol and make your foe bleed.
Tactical Strike.png
 Tactical Strike
Blind your foe by bashing them with your sword hilt. Daze them instead if you attack from behind.
Staff (Daredevil)
Hook Strike.png
 Hook Strike
Attack your foes with stealth, knocking enemies down.
Rifle (Deadeye)
Cursed Bullet.png
 Cursed Bullet
Fire a cursed bullet that tracks your target and converts its boons into conditions. Deals increased damage while kneeling.
Harpoon gun
The Ripper.png
 The Ripper
Fire a shot from stealth to bleed your target.
Deadly Strike.png
 Deadly Strike
Attack from stealth, bleeding and weakening your target.
Venomous Knife.png
 Venomous Knife
Throw a knife, bleeding and poisoning your target.