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Disambig icon.png This article is about the warrior specialization. For crafting disciplines, see Crafting.
Specialization background.

Discipline.png Discipline is a core specialization for the warrior that focuses on improving adrenaline gain, banners, and weapon swapping.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Versatile Rage.png Versatile Rage 4 Gain adrenaline on weapon swap.
Major Adept Crack Shot.png Crack Shot Warrior ranged weapon skills gain reduced recharge, and their weapon skill 1 attacks are enhanced.
Major Adept Warrior's Sprint.png Warrior's Sprint Run faster while wielding melee weapons, and deal increased strike damage while you have swiftness. Movement skills break immobilization when used.
Major Adept Vengeful Return.png Vengeful Return Vengeance has an increased chance to rally and gain more health and endurance when you rally.
Minor Master Fast Hands.png Fast Hands Weapon-swapping recharges faster.
Major Master Doubled Standards.png Doubled Standards Unique banner effects applied to you are stronger and can affect up to 10 allied targets. Gain swiftness when you summon or pick up a banner.
Major Master Destruction of the Empowered.png Destruction of the Empowered Deal increased strike damage per boon on your target.
Major Master Brawler's Recovery.png Brawler's Recovery 4 Remove conditions when you swap weapons.
Minor Grandmaster Versatile Power.png Versatile Power 4 Gain might on weapon swap. Burst skills gain reduced recharge.
Major Grandmaster Axe Mastery.png Axe Mastery Gain ferocity. Gain additional ferocity when wielding an axe. Axe skills gain reduced recharge and grant adrenaline when critically striking.
Major Grandmaster Heightened Focus.png Heightened Focus 15 Gain quickness when you strike a foe that is below the health threshold.
Major Grandmaster Burst Mastery.png Burst Mastery Burst skills deal more damage, grant swiftness, and restore a portion of adrenaline spent.
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Version history[edit]

For a detailed specialization history, see here.