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Warriors are masters of weaponry who rely on speed, strength, toughness, and heavy armor to survive in battle. Adrenaline fuels their offensive power—the longer warriors stay in a fight, the more dangerous they become.

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Warriors are masters of physical combat. Their profession mechanic is adrenaline, a resource gained through the glory of combat that warriors then use to fuel a powerful burst attack unique to each of the plethora of weapons that they can wield. These masters of arms face their enemies head on, their formidable battle presence inspires their allies, while they are always looking for the next enemy to pound into dust. Like other soldier professions, warriors wear heavy armor.

Warriors who venture the Heart of Maguuma with the Heart of Thorns expansion can choose to become Berserker icon small.pngberserkers, succumbing to their primal rage to go Berserk and overwhelm their enemies with Primal Bursts, going all-in on the offensive.

Warriors that traverse the Crystal Desert and the Kingdom of Elona with the Path of Fire expansion can choose to become Spellbreaker icon small.pngspellbreakers, master strategists able to fully counter their enemies' attacks, turning them against them, while removing their boons to ensure a fair fight and learning meditation skills.

Warriors who wander the Canthan Empire of the Dragon with the End of Dragons expansion can choose to become Bladesworn icon small.pngbladesworns, wielding the deadly gunsaber to unleash a devastating unsheath attack at the speed of light to obliterate their enemies, and learn armament skills.


Profession mechanic[edit]


Adrenaline is the warrior's unique profession mechanic. As a warrior attacks, adrenaline is built up and can be spent on a powerful burst attack. Each weapon set has a single burst skill, which has a variety of different conditions that become more powerful depending on how much adrenaline the warrior has built up. Adrenaline has three power levels, each increasing the effect of the current weapon set's burst skill. More adrenaline can also provide the warrior with other improvements like increased damage or health regeneration, as shown in the skill's tooltip.

Weapon mastery[edit]

Warriors also have the highest selection of weapons to choose from compared to other professions, giving a good variety of play-styles to choose from.

Heavy Armor[edit]

Like the other two soldier professions, guardian and revenant, warriors wear heavy armor, which grants them high defense.This, coupled with warrior's naturally high vitality, makes them quite sturdy.


Primary article: List of warrior skills

Skill types[edit]

  • Banner — Banner skills produce a banner at a target location that pulses stat increasing buffs depending on which banner was placed. The warrior can interact with a banner to destroy it and reduce its remaining cooldown.
  • Burst — Warriors build adrenaline as they fight, Burst skills spend this adrenaline to cast powerful Burst skills based on the weapon the warrior is wielding.
  • Physical — These skills focus on inflicting crowd control on the enemy.
  • Shout — Support skills that provide positive effects to nearby allies, or negative effects to enemies.
  • Signet — Signets grant passive effects while equipped, and produce a powerful effect when activated. The passive effect is lost while the signet recharges.
  • Stance — Skills that provide positive effects that linger for a duration.
Skills unique to elite specializations


Warriors have five core specializations, and three elite specializations:


Strength Strength — Focuses on dodging, physical (utility) skills and brute force. Enhances greatsword, hammer and physical skills.
Arms Arms — Focused on critical hits and condition damage. Enhances sword and signet skills, as well as dual-wielding (i.e. off-hand).
Defense Defense — Focuses on damage mitigation, stability and crowd control. Enhances shield, mace and stance skills.
Tactics Tactics — Specializes in supporting allies via burst and shout abilities. Enhances warhorn and shout skills.
Discipline Discipline — Focuses on improving adrenaline gain and weapon swapping. Enhances axe, longbow, rifle, harpoon gun, banners and burst skills.


Berserker Berserker — Gains access to torches, a set of rage skills and berserk mode, which replaces the standard burst skills with primal bursts.
Spellbreaker Spellbreaker — Gains ability to wield double daggers, a set of meditation skills and the class mechanic Full Counter.
Bladesworn Bladesworn — Gains access to off-hand pistols, a set of armament skills and the class mechanic Dragon Slash.


See list of warrior traits.



The warrior is a soldier profession and thus wears heavy armor.


See also detailed list of warrior weapon skills.

  • Two-handed
    • Greatsword — Sweeping, brutal attacks that carry the greatsword's momentum from foe to foe.
    • Hammer — Pound the ground with area of effect attacks that can stagger a group of enemies.
    • Longbow — Massive fire damage used to keep hordes of enemies at bay from afar.
    • Rifle — Unleash powerful ranged attacks against a single target.
  • Off-hand
    • Axe — Can be used to strike with both weapons simultaneously or storm with a whirling attack.
    • Dagger — Strike your enemies when they are off guard or reflect incoming projectiles. (Spellbreaker specialization only)
    • Mace — Used to crush the armor of a foe or stun several enemies in front of you by slamming it on the ground.
    • Pistol — Quick close combat shots that revolve around ammunition management. (Bladesworn specialization only)
    • Shield — Used to bash foes or block incoming attacks.
    • Sword — Can be thrown at enemies or used to block and retaliate.
    • Torch — Reckless weapon of destruction; can even light warriors themselves ablaze, to become mobile fire fields. (Berserker specialization only)
    • Warhorn — Grants boons to allies, facilitating mobility.
  • Aquatic
    • Harpoon gun — Long-range mechanical weapon that inflicts various conditions.
    • Spear — Close-range aquatic weapon with several multi-hit attacks.

There are 19 possible terrestrial weapon sets available to the warrior profession and two aquatic sets. The warrior can equip and alternate between two weapon sets, but, as with other professions, doing so in combat induces a short recharge to prevent continuous switching between weapons. This recharge can be decreased by equipping the Fast Hands trait once it is learned.


The following crafting disciplines can be used to create items that are useful to the warrior:

Personal story[edit]

In the biography step of character creation, warriors must decide which article of clothing they wear on the battlefield to be respected, choosing from either of two helms or a pair of pauldrons. This choice is merely cosmetic and determines their starting shoulder or head armor, which can be hidden or transmuted after character creation.

I wear _____ on the battlefield. Because of this I am recognized and given proper respect.
Biography Spangenhelm.png Spangenhelm ("a spangenhelm") — My spangenhelm intimidates my enemies and inspires respect among my allies. I am nearly invincible when I wear it.
Biography Galea.png Galea ("a galea") — My helm is open-faced so that my enemies can see my face and look me in the eyes. They will remember who defeated them.
Biography No Helm.png No Helm ("no helm at all") — A true warrior doesn't need a helm! My enemies will cringe and falter when they see the fearless determination on my face.


Warriors are the bread-and-butter of the various armies throughout Tyria. They have long been masters of weaponry and raw physical prowess, though they also use magic as other professions do, including magical weaponry.[1] Amongst human warriors, Balthazar has often been worshipped as their patron god.

Notable Warriors


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