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Ofela Soulcleave

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Ofela Soulcleave (1090—1116 AE), legionnaire of the Soul warband, was a lieutenant under Kalla Scorchrazor during the charr rebellion. She was renowned for her brutality with axes, often times dual-wielding, but also enjoyed just wading into battle with a single blade. Ofela, like all the members of her warband, looked with hateful eyes upon the shaman caste and their worship of inferior gods such as titans and destroyers. They were proud to fight at the side of Kalla Scorchrazor as she freed the charr from their enslavement to irrational dogma.

Ofela lost her life at the battle at the Plains of Golghein, after slaughtering an untold number of foes. A statue was erected in her honor in the Memorial Quadrant of the Black Citadel.

Renegades, specialized revenants, can invoke Ofela as part of Kalla's warband via the Legendary Renegade Stance.

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