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Disambig icon.png This article is about the skill type. For the gathering tool upgrade, see Glyph (upgrade).

Glyphs are a skill type that change their effect based on the caster's attunement or form. All ranger glyphs have a Point Blank Area of Effect (PBAoE).

List of glyph skills[edit]

Skill Underwater.png Hero point.png Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Druid tango icon 20px.png Druid[edit]

Glyph of Rejuvenation.png
 Glyph of Rejuvenation
Not available underwater.png 15 24 Glyph. Heal yourself and pet, while healing nearby allies for a lesser value.
Glyph of Alignment.png
 Glyph of Alignment
Not available underwater.png 15 20 Glyph. Damage and impair foes, or heal and remove conditions from allies.
Glyph of Unity.png
 Glyph of Unity
Not available underwater.png 25 30 Glyph. Use nature energy to connect to foes or allies.
Glyph of Equality.png
 Glyph of Equality
Not available underwater.png 15 30 Glyph. Daze foes or break stun for allies.
Glyph of the Tides.png
 Glyph of the Tides
Not available underwater.png 15 25 Glyph. Draw your enemies in or knock them away.
Glyph of the Stars.png
 Glyph of the Stars
Not available underwater.png 25 90 Glyph. Channel the power of the stars to prevent harm to your allies.

Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Elementalist[edit]

Glyph of Elemental Harmony.png
 Glyph of Elemental Harmony
2 1 20 Glyph. Heal yourself and gain a boon based on your attunement.
Glyph of Elemental Power.png
 Glyph of Elemental Power
4 25 Glyph. Inflict conditions on your next few strikes based on your attunement. Each strike deals increased damage.
Glyph of Lesser Elementals.png
 Glyph of Lesser Elementals
Not available underwater.png 3 10.25¼ 40 Glyph. Summon a lesser elemental based on your attunement.
Glyph of Renewal.png
 Glyph of Renewal
4 30.25¼ 165 Glyph. Revive allies with different attunement effects.
Glyph of Storms.png
 Glyph of Storms
Not available underwater.png 2 10.25¼ 60 Glyph. Create a storm based on your attunement.
Glyph of Elementals.png
 Glyph of Elementals
Not available underwater.png 9 10.25¼ 90 Glyph. Summon an elemental based on your attunement.

Related traits[edit]

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Related equipment[edit]


  • The effects based on the current form created from glyphs are decided at either the start or end of activation, depending on the skill.