Auric Span

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Auric Span

Auric Span map.jpg
Map of Auric Span

Auric Span loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Defeat the enemy team to win! In overtime, healing and stealth are disabled and the map will slowly be covered by deadly fog.

— In-game description

Auric Span is a structured PvP map. It is the fourth Team Deathmatch map and is designed for a 2v2.


Spawn areas[edit]

  • Blue Base.png
  • Red Base.png

Secondary mechanics[edit]

If the match goes into overtime, several secondary mechanics activate:

  • In overtime, healing will be disabled and you will be Revealed to disable stealth.
  • The map slowly fills up with a green field from the sides towards the center. This field will deal damage equals 20% of the maximum health to anyone in contact with it.
  • The area under the plateau in the middle will fill up with a slowly expanding field that deals damage.



  • This map can only be played on custom games. It is not in the ranked or unranked map selection.
  • Added to the game with the August 13, 2019 game update.