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Help namespace

This section provides links to Help articles, geared towards providing assistance to new users with questions about how to edit the Guild Wars 2 Wiki.

To get started, please click on a relevant link to what you want help with below.

If you're looking for help with Guild Wars 2, rather than help with editing the wiki itself, then try Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively, try the official forum. There is also usually a stickied weekly questions thread on the GuildWars2 Reddit where players can ask questions.


Basic editing

Contributing is easy. There is an excellent editing guide available which contains the need-to-know info if you want to modify or create an article from scratch. A cheatsheet quick summary also exists.

If you're in a rush or don't feel confident enough to edit an article, you can drop a comment on an article's talkpage with the two click feedback button. The wiki community keeps an eye on talk pages and so will likely be able to resolve any issue you identify. If an article has been created with the wrong title, it can be renamed (same as moved) by logged in users.

Displaying information with images or tables can often radically improve an article. Templates are also routinely used to ensure a consistent appearance. Although they appear as discreet links at the bottom of articles, Categories are a simple way of quickly navigating between similar content.

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Advanced editing

If a statement made on an article is not easily verifiable ingame, then it is often a good idea to include a reference to the original source. This is especially true of information gleaned from interviews and external sites.

The advanced template guide will point you in the direction of useful resources if you're looking to improve on the existing templates. If it isn't obvious how information appears on a page, the chances are it involves the SMW data extension. When wikicode templates aren't quite sufficient, or you want to pull information from the GW2 API, Widgets can be assembled by trusted editors.

Sysops are usually chosen for their ability to mediate conflicts between other users. They are not chosen for their memory, which is lucky because there is a Sysop Guide.

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Where can I help?

As with most wikis, we are still missing some articles. If you find a subject that needs an article, you can add some basic information and create it (it doesn't have to be complete!).

Any incomplete page that you find is yours to edit and improve, but if you have a suggestion for a change that might affect a large number of pages or is of controversial nature, discuss it on the community portal first.

If you want to go looking for incomplete content you could try the list of wanted pages (pages which have been linked to, but not created), have a swing at the stubs (pages which have been created, but are known to be missing key sections), check out the Wiki Projects, or just go for a random page. Regardless of what you edit, we will appreciate your contribution.

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  • Help:Archiving — Move the talkpage and create a link to it
  • Help:Redirect — Making it easier to find pages even if you're a dingus
  • Help:Reverting — Fixing poorly made edits by other users
  • Help:Searching — With 108,339 pages, if you can find the article, the game is yours to command.
  • Help:Signatures — Always leave your calling card when contributing on talk pages
  • Help:WikiLove — Praising other editors is one of the most important things that can be contributed to the wiki.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki namespace

This section provides an overview of all pages within the Guild Wars 2 Wiki namespace, used for anything about the wiki that doesn't fit anywhere else.

The intention of the Guild Wars 2 Wiki namespace is to provide an area for the community to discuss and document decisions made with regards to how to structure the rest of the wiki.

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Core and Community

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Documentation of our current conventions in article formatting. Includes copy-pastable templates.

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User permissions

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