Legacy of the Foefire

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Legacy of the Foefire

Legacy of the Foefire map.jpg
Map of Legacy of the Foefire

The Mists

Legacy of the Foefire loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

-The first team to reach the score limit wins.
-Control capture points to earn points for your team.
-Defeat enemies to earn a small amount of points for your team.
-Defeat the enemy Guild Lord in order to gain 150 points.

— Instructions

Legacy of the Foefire is a structured PvP map. It is called Memories of the Past on the map. It is a conquest map with three capture points and powerful NPC guards and guild lords as the secondary mechanic.

The map and objective are quite straightforward; unless either team decides to break into each other's keeps, it's usually best to stick to capturing and fighting for control of the capture points. Since both outer points are located on the opposite sides of the Graveyard, whichever team possesses better fighting ability can quickly gain the upper hand in battle. However, the deck is mixed when either side attacks the opposing keep. Two or even one capable player can take down either of the gates to the keep, along with all of the NPCs. If you know your keep is being sieged and there is nobody going to stop them, it's often a good idea to fall back and assault the besiegers before they can kill your lord, or at least before they can leave the fortress and flank your team.


Capture points

Event star (tango icon).png Capture the point (0)

  • Waterfall.png Waterfall (north)
  • Graveyard.png Graveyard (middle)
  • Quarry.png Quarry (south)
Respawn areas

Secondary Mechanics[edit]

NPC guards and 'guild lords' spawn at the beginning of each match in the starting zones of their respective team. In order to get to the guild lord, the enemy team has to take down a wall first. Walls can only be damaged by direct damage. Defeating the Lord grants 150 points. NPCs include:

Interactive map[edit]


Capture point ground decals


  • This map is based on maps found in Guild Wars PvP, and was inspired by "GvG".
  • The Foefire is an event that happened in Ascalon in 1090 AE.
  • Killing a Lord changes the map weather to a rainstorm.

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