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Heat is a mechanic exclusive to the Holosmith elite specialization of the Engineer.


A heat bar divided on segments with Overheat red segment at the end of the bar.

The heat bar is displayed above your weapon skills and will slowly drain while not in Photon Forge mode. Heat will not drain if Photonic Blasting Module is traited.

The player's model will change from blue to orange depending on their current heat level. If Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit is traited, they can also change to red at above 100% heat.

Exceed skills have additional effects when above 50% Heat.

Generating heat[edit]

A full heat bar.

Heat is generated passively at a rate of 2% per second while in Photon Forge mode. Additional heat is generated when using a Photon Forge skill. Reaching maximum Heat damages the Holosmith through Overheat.

Heat generation per skill[edit]

Skill Heat Description
Light Strike.png
 Light Strike
2% per use Swing a holographic blade.
Redirect Arrow.png
Bright Slash.png
 Bright Slash
2% per use Slash with a blade of light energy.
Redirect Arrow.png
Flash Cutter.png
 Flash Cutter
2% per use Cleave through all foes in front of you twice.
Holo Leap.png
 Holo Leap
7% per use Create a holographic launch pad and leap to your foe. The pad remains behind for a short duration, granting increased movement speed to allies who touch it.
Corona Burst.png
 Corona Burst
2% per pulse (10% total) Strike nearby foes and begin to store up energy, gaining boons and heat each pulse. After charging, the energy explodes, inflicting conditions on nearby foes.
Photon Blitz.png
 Photon Blitz
2% per projectile (16% total) Fire multiple piercing blasts at your target.
Holographic Shockwave.png
 Holographic Shockwave
25% per use Create a deadly holographic shockwave that launches foes upward. This attack always deals a critical hit.

Dissipating heat[edit]

Heat will dissipate at a rate of 5% per second, after 3 seconds of leaving Photon Forge mode. The rate will increase to 10% per second after 5 seconds of cooling.

Heat can also be lost at 15% per dodge through the Thermal Release Valve trait.

Mounting will instantly remove all heat.


Overheat.png Overheat - Reaching the heat maximum results in a self-damaging explosion that deals damage proportional to your health and additional damage over time. Your toolbelt skills are disabled until all heat is lost.

 Holoforge Overheated - Unable to reactivate until cooled.

At 100% heat (or 150% with Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit), you will Overheat, forcing you out of Photon Forge mode and dealing 25% of your base health in damage. You will also take an additional 25% over 2.5 seconds. Vitality will not increase the damage taken from overheating. If Photonic Blasting Module is traited, then you will not take the initial damage to yourself, but you will still take 25% over 2.5 seconds.

You will not be able to enter Photon Forge mode until all heat has been dissipated. Heat may be dissipated faster through the Thermal Release Valve trait. It will take 15.5 seconds to fully cool down from 100 heat and 20.5 seconds to cool down from 150 heat.

Time Heat lost per second Heat lost within this range Total Heat lost
0-3 seconds (3 seconds) 0% 0% 0%
3-8 seconds (5 seconds) 5% 25% 25%
8-15 seconds (7 seconds) 10% 70% 95%
15-20 seconds (5 seconds) 10% 50% 145%

Skills affected by heat[edit]

Skills Type <50% >50% >100%
Sun Edge.png
 Sun Edge
Damage Increase: 10% Damage Increase: 20%
Redirect Arrow.png
Sun Ripper.png
 Sun Ripper
Damage Increase: 10% Damage Increase: 20%
Redirect Arrow.png
Gleam Saber.png
 Gleam Saber
Damage Increase: 10% Damage Increase: 20%
Refraction Cutter.png
 Refraction Cutter
Additional Blades: 2 Additional Blades: 4
Radiant Arc.png
 Radiant Arc
Quickness.png Quickness (2s) Quickness.png Quickness (4s) Quickness.png Quickness (6s)
Coolant Blast.png
 Coolant Blast
Exceed Coolant Blast.png Cooling Vapor (4s)
Frost Aura.png Frost Aura (4s)
Chain Arrow Toolbelt.png
Toolbelt Additional Conditions removed: 1
Photon Wall.png
 Photon Wall
Exceed Reflects Missiles
Redirect Arrow.png
Launch Wall.png
 Launch Wall
Exceed Additional Walls: 2
Chain Arrow Toolbelt.png
Particle Accelerator.png
 Particle Accelerator
Toolbelt Velocity Increase: 100%
Laser Disk.png
 Laser Disk
Exceed Duration Increase 50%
Chain Arrow Toolbelt.png
Blade Burst.png
 Blade Burst
Toolbelt Damage Increase: 25%
Hard Light Arena.png
 Hard Light Arena
Exceed Duration Increase: 4 seconds
Radius Increase: 120
Chain Arrow Toolbelt.png
Prismatic Singularity.png
 Prismatic Singularity
Toolbelt Radius and Pull increase: 120
Spectrum Shield.png
 Spectrum Shield
Exceed Recharge Reduced: 50%
Chain Arrow Toolbelt.png
Flash Spark.png
 Flash Spark
Toolbelt Light Aura.png Light Aura (4s)
Prime Light Beam.png
 Prime Light Beam
Exceed Leaves behind a burning holographic field.

Traits affected by heat[edit]

Skills Tier <50% >50% >100%
Prismatic Converter Prismatic Converter Major Adept Conditions to Boons: 1 Conditions to Boons: 2 Conditions to Boons: 3
Laser's Edge Laser's Edge Minor Grandmaster Damage Increase: 0 – 12.5% Damage Increase: 12.5 – 25% Damage Increase: 25 – 37.5%
Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit Major Grandmaster Might.png Might (2 stacks, 6s)

Related traits[edit]

Holosmith Holosmith[edit]

Player chatter[edit]

Event Dialogue
Engaging Photon Forge Projector, activate.
Light, come forth!.
Activating hard light emitter.
Hologram projector engage.
Switching to holo mode.
Temperature normal.
Disengage Photon Forge Returning to normal parameters.
Disengaging holo projector.
Holograms off.
Better let this cool down a bit.
50% I'm just warming up.
Now we're cooking.
We're heating up.
Crossing heat thresholds.
Here's where things get hot
Heating up.
Critical heat level Heat sink reaching full capacity.
Overheat imminent!
So hot.
Heat levels critical.
Can't take much more of this.
Overheat Hot! Hot! Hot!
We're burning up!
Capacity exceeded.
We can't take anymore heat.
Fully cooled Heat level zero.
All heat expelled.
Temperature normalized.
Heat levels stabilized.
Thermal release complete.