Soul Reaping

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Soul Reaping.pngSoul Reaping is a core specialization for the necromancer that focuses on Death Shroud and life force, as well as the use of staves and spectral skills.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Gluttony.png Gluttony Increases the amount of life force gained from all sources.
Major Adept Unyielding Blast.png Unyielding Blast Shroud skill 1 causes vulnerability.
Major Adept Soul Marks.png Soul Marks Marks become unblockable and generate life force when triggered.
Major Adept Speed of Shadows.png Speed of Shadows Entering shroud grants swiftness and removes movement-impairing conditions
Minor Master Sinister Shroud.png Sinister Shroud Shroud skills gain reduced recharge.
Major Master Soul Barbs.png Soul Barbs Entering or exiting shroud increases your damage for a duration.
Major Master Vital Persistence.png Vital Persistence Gain Vitality. Your incoming healing is increased.
Major Master Fear of Death.png Fear of Death 5 Your fear effects have increased durations. Inflicting fear generates life force.
Minor Grandmaster Soul Battery.png Soul Battery Maximum life force is increased.
Major Grandmaster Foot in the Grave.png Foot in the Grave Gain stability and break stuns when you enter shroud.
Major Grandmaster Death Perception.png Death Perception Gain increased critical-strike chance and ferocity while in a shroud.
Major Grandmaster Dhuumfire.png Dhuumfire Shroud skill 1 inflicts burning on your target.
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