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In-game screenshot of life force meter.

Life force is the necromancer's resource that fuels Death Shroud and Reaper's Shroud. Life force is gained when players or NPCs die nearby (providing 10% life force per death, approximately within a range of 1,200 units) and through certain skills.[1] Death Shroud depletes life force and ends when it reaches zero.

The base size of your life force pool is 69% of your maximum health, meaning it is indirectly affected by your Vitality attribute, and can be further increased by the Soul Battery minor trait of the Soul Reaping specialization, to 82.80% of maximum health.[2][3]

The life force bar, located above the weapon skills, displays life force level relative to its full value. Character death will drain some life force, as well as changing maps, or logging out and back in.

List of skills that grant Life Force[edit]

Skill Categories Skill Life Force Description
Staff Necrotic Grasp.png Necrotic Grasp 4% Send out a grasping hand that damages foes in a line and grants you life force.
Mark of Blood.png Mark of Blood
3% Mark. Inscribe a mark that bleeds foes when they trigger it, and grants regeneration to allies.
Chilblains.png Chilblains
3% Mark. Chill and poison the target area.
Putrid Mark.png Putrid Mark
3% Mark. Inscribe a mark that transfers conditions from yourself to foes when they trigger it.
Reaper's Mark.png Reaper's Mark
3% Mark. Inscribe a mark that causes fear when foes trigger it.
Scepter Feast of Corruption.png Feast of Corruption 8%
+1% per condition
Strike your target, gain life force, and corrupt boons on your foe. For each condition on your target up to the condition threshold, gain additional life force and inflict torment.
Devouring Darkness.png Devouring Darkness
+1% per condition
+2% per foe
Corrupt boons from enemies around your target. Inflict torment and gain life force for each condition on your initial target up to the threshold. Gain extra life force for each extra foe struck.
Axe Ghastly Claws.png Ghastly Claws 12% Summon spectral claws to slash your foe in a quick flurry of strikes, gaining life force per strike. This attack deals increased damage per stack of vulnerability on your target.
Main-hand Dagger Necrotic Slash.png Necrotic Stab 2% Chain. Strike your foe again.
Necrotic Bite.png Necrotic Bite 6% Strike your foe and gain life force.
Warhorn Locust Swarm.png Locust Swarm 1.5% per hit Gain swiftness and summon a swarm of locusts that siphon health to you from nearby foes.
Focus Soul Grasp.png Soul Grasp 11% Release a disembodied hand to draw life force from your foe.
Spear Reaper's Scythe.png Reaper's Scythe 3% Reap life force from nearby foes.
Trident Feast.png Feast 5% Weaken and damage foes around you. Gain life force per foe struck. Fire a Crimson Tide at each enemy in the area.
Greatsword Dusk Strike.png Dusk Strike Reaper tango icon 20px.png 1% Chain. Cleave foes in front of you.
Fading Twilight.png Fading Twilight Reaper tango icon 20px.png 1% Chain. Cleave foes in front of you again.
Chilling Scythe.png Chilling Scythe Reaper tango icon 20px.png 5% Chain. Strike foes, and chill them.
Death Spiral.png Death Spiral Reaper tango icon 20px.png 2% Conjure a drill of dark energy on your blade, and rend the armor of foes in front of you.
Grasping Darkness.png Grasping Darkness Reaper tango icon 20px.png 4% Conjure claws of darkness from the shadows to attack foes, applying a condition to them and pulling them to you. Gain life force for each struck foe.
Torch Harrowing Wave.png Harrowing Wave Scourge tango icon 20px.png 3% Unleash a wave of corrupted fire, burning and tormenting enemies. Gain life force for each enemy struck.
Heal "Your Soul Is Mine!".png "Your Soul Is Mine!" Reaper tango icon 20px.png 5% Shout. Heal yourself, gain life force, and strike foes around you, absorbing additional life force from each foe struck.
Utility Haunt.png Haunt
10% Command your shadow fiend to teleport to a foe and attack all nearby foes, inflicting conditions.
Necrotic Traversal.png Necrotic Traversal
10% Sacrifice your flesh wurm, teleport to it, and poison foes.
Signet of Undeath.png Signet of Undeath 1.33% per second.
2% per second when traited with Signets of Suffering
Signet Passive: Generates life force while in combat. Signet Active: Sacrifice health to revive one downed ally in a target area.
Spectral Armor.png Spectral Armor 8% Spectral. Gain life force as you take damage.
Spectral Grasp.png Spectral Grasp 15% Spectral. Pull target foe and all nearby foes to you, chill them, and gain life force.
Spectral Ring.png Spectral Ring 4% Spectral. Create a spectral ring that protects allies and inflicts fear on foes. Gain life force when a foe is inflicted by fear from this skill. This skill can only inflict fear on the same foe once per interval.
Spectral Walk.png Spectral Walk 4% per condition Spectral. Create a shadowy tether and become spectral, consuming conditions for life force. You may return to your initial position by using Spectral Recall.
Well of Corruption.png Well of Corruption 1% per pulse Well. Target area pulses, converting boons on foes into conditions.
Desiccate.png Desiccate Scourge tango icon 20px.png 10% Punishment. Draw vital energy from your foes to gain life force and grant boons to nearby allies. Gain additional life force per target struck. Convert a boon on affected enemies to torment and cripple.
Elite Lich Form.png Lich Form 15% Spectral. Assume the form of a lich for a brief time, improving your precision and vitality. Gain life force when this skill ends. Entering this form removes other spectral effects.
Death Shroud Life Transfer.png Life Transfer 3% Shroud. Damage nearby foes and steal their life force.
Reaper's Shroud Life Reap.png Life Reap Reaper tango icon 20px.png 1.5% Shroud. Cleave foes around you, gaining life force for each foe struck. This skill inherits traits from Life Blast.
Blood Magic Mark of Evasion Mark of Evasion
3% Leave a Mark of Blood when you dodge.
Soul Reaping Fear of Death Fear of Death 15% Your fear effects have increased durations. Inflicting fear generates life force.
  • Skills marked with Reaper tango icon 20px.png are only available with the Reaper Elite specialization.
  • Skills marked with Scourge tango icon 20px.png are only available with the Scourge Elite specialization.

Related traits[edit]

Necromancer life force render.png
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Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Blood Magic
Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Soul Reaping
Reaper tango icon 20px.png Reaper
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