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Disambig icon.png This article is about the historical figure. For the Revenant legend, see Legendary Dragon Stance.
Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Edge of Destiny and Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire.
Glint's appearance in Guild Wars Prophecies.

Tyria's last hope rests on the unity of the races. The pooling of their strength. It is the only way.


Glint, once known as Glaust, was a champion and scion of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik.[1] After the Forgotten had purified her from Kralkatorrik's corruption, she began empathizing with other races and turned against her master, devising a complex plan to preserve Tyria's magical balance by replacing Elder Dragons with equally powerful but less predatory entities,[2] a plan in which her children Vlast and Aurene were intended to play a large role.[3] Before Glint could see her plans come to fruition, however, she fell in battle against Kralkatorrik, but her work would be continued by the Exalted and later, Dragon's Watch.


A redeemed champion[edit]

Glint was known as Glaust in the distant past when she served the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik as one of the Branded champions. As an oracle she was able to hear the thoughts of creatures, which allowed her to unravel and stop the plots against her master.[4]

When the Elder Dragons last awoke, the Forgotten discovered and performed a great spell at the Altar of Glaust which was intended to purify her. Glint remained in crystalline form, but she regained her free will.[5] She remained loyal to Kralkatorrik for some time, however, until she heard his thoughts and the thoughts of those she killed, which led to a change of heart as she grew to sympathize with her victims.

Choosing to side with the elder races, she hid many of them from the Elder Dragons until the dragons went to sleep and it was safe for the races to reemerge. It was presumably around this time that a group of grateful dwarves formed the Brotherhood of the Dragon, an organization that served as the keepers of her heritage. They forged an alliance with her, and let her into their minds.

In the time when the Elder Dragons slept, Glint began working on a plan that would ensure a brighter future for Tyria free from the threat of the Elder Dragons. She secretly prepared for her former master's eventual return by collecting his crystallized blood and retaining a spear made from the crystallized blood of his spine. She also laid eggs in her lair, waiting for the time for them to hatch so she could prepare her scions for the great task ahead.

Plans for the future[edit]

In approximately 272 AE, Glint compiled the Flameseeker Prophecies, foretelling the defeat of Vizier Khilbron and the fall of the titans and mursaat.[6] In 1072 AE, this came to pass, and it was Glint who guided the Ascendant heroes who were the prophecies' subjects to their destiny. Some of these Chosen later returned to battle her.[7]

Some time after, Glint's first scion Vlast hatched in the hidden city of Kesho, and the heroes defended the hatchling from Primordus's Destroyers while he was visiting Glint in her lair. After the Transformation of the Dwarves, Glint's guardianship was passed down to a secretive group of Canthans and Elonians who would later become known as the Zephyrites. Some of these Zephyrites underwent Forgotten trials to transform into the Exalted who would be tasked with carrying out Glint's plan and raising her scions once the Forgotten had moved on.

In 1320 AE, Kralkatorrik awoke once more, seeking out Glint for her betrayal. Glint allied with Destiny's Edge and devised a plan with them to use their respective strengths as well as the Dragonsblood Spear to defeat Kralkatorrik. The battle turned out in Kralkatorrik's favor, however, and the Elder Dragon killed Glint for her betrayal. Even Destiny's Edge could not protect Glint, losing Snaff in the attempt.

Prophet's legacy[edit]

After Glint's death, the Zephyrites sought out her corpse in order to ensure that the draconic energy stored within her body would not fall into the wrong hands. They found that with magic from her body, they were able to harness the power of the Aspects of Sun, Wind, and Lightning. Using these Aspects, they built a magnificent Zephyr Sanctum, and with it they roamed the world in peace.[8] They composed the "Song of the Zephyrites", a lyrical retelling of Glint's last moments which honored and lamented her sacrifice.

Glint continued to influence events in Tyria long after her death as her scions Vlast and Aurene carried on the plan she had begun with the aid of the Exalted in the following years.

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