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Specialization background.

"I call upon the great legends of the Mists..."

Invocation grants bonuses when switching between legends, giving you access to the fury boon. Enhancements to fury give additional damage and an increased critical-hit chance.

— In-game description


Invocation is a core specialization for the revenant that focuses on legend swapping and fury.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Invoker's Rage.png Invoker's Rage 10 Gain fury when you invoke a legend.
Major Adept Cleansing Channel.png Cleansing Channel Invoking a legend removes a condition.
Major Adept Rising Tide.png Rising Tide While your health is above the threshold, strike damage dealt is increased.
Major Adept Fierce Infusion.png Glaring Resolve Gain stability and heal yourself when you break stuns.
Minor Master Ferocious Aggression.png Ferocious Aggression All damage dealt is increased while you have fury.
Major Master Spirit Boon.png Spirit Boon Invoking a legend grants boons to nearby allies based on the legend that was invoked.
Major Master Rapid Flow.png Rapid Flow 5 Heal yourself and gain swiftness when you use a skill that has an energy cost.
Major Master Incensed Response.png Incensed Response Gain might when you grant yourself fury.
Minor Grandmaster Empty Vessel.png Contained Temper Gain energy when you break stun.
Major Grandmaster Song of the Mists.png Song of the Mists Invoking a legend casts a skill based on the legend you invoked.
Major Grandmaster Charged Mists.png Charged Mists Invoking a legend while at or below the energy threshold grants extra energy to your new legend.
Major Grandmaster Roiling Mists.png Roiling Mists Critical-hit chance is further increased while you are under the effect of fury.
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