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Invocation.pngInvocation is a core specialization for the revenant that focuses on improving legend channeling and fury.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Invoker's Rage.png Invoker's Rage 10 Gain fury when you invoke a legend.
Major Adept Cleansing Channel.png Cleansing Channel Invoking a legend removes a condition.
Major Adept Rising Tide.png Rising Tide While your health is above the threshold, inflict increased damage to your enemies.
Major Adept Fierce Infusion.png Fierce Infusion 10 Using a healing skill grants you fury.
Minor Master Ferocious Aggression.png Ferocious Aggression Deal increased damage and condition damage to targets while you have fury.
Major Master Spirit Boon.png Spirit Boon Invoking a legend grants boons to nearby allies based on the legend that was invoked.
Major Master Rapid Flow.png Rapid Flow 5 Heal yourself and gain swiftness when you use a skill which has an energy cost.
Major Master Incensed Response.png Incensed Response Gain might when you grant yourself fury.
Minor Grandmaster Empty Vessel.png Empty Vessel Invoking a legend will now break stuns.
Major Grandmaster Song of the Mists.png Song of the Mists Invoking a legend casts a skill based on the legend that was invoked.
Major Grandmaster Charged Mists.png Charged Mists Evoking a legend while at or below the energy threshold grants extra energy to your new legend.
Major Grandmaster Roiling Mists.png Roiling Mists Critical-hit chance has increased effectiveness when you are under the effect of fury.
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