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"The elements are twisting, turning—melding as one."

The weaver gains the ability to combine two different elements and wield them simultaneously. Rapidly combine elements to create a fast and dynamic fighting style that dances in and out of combat.

— In-game description

Weaver.pngWeaver is an elite specialization for the elementalist unlocked with the Path of Fire expansion. Weavers have learned from the Elonian djinn how to wield two attunements at once, one in each hand, and can combine them for powerful new Dual Attacks. To better weave the elements together, these spellcasters can switch attunements much faster than other elementalists. Weavers can adopt stances to grant themselves temporary bonuses, with some of these stances having different effects depending on the attunements the weaver is currently melding together. Weavers can wield swords as main hand weapons, light blades that allow them to gracefully dance through the battlefield, combining both offence and defence. Weavers are natural damage dealers, enjoying bruiser or glass cannon playstyles. With such a plethora of elemental attacks at their disposal, a master weaver will never run out of spells to cast.

List of weaver skills[edit]

See also: List of elementalist skills

Profession mechanic[edit]

I am the elements incarnate!

— Weaver

Weavers can be attuned to two elements at once. When attuning to a new element, the current main-hand attunement switches to the off hand, while the new attunement is placed on the main hand. You can attune to the same element twice in a row, resulting in a typical single-attunement skill bar.

The main-hand attunement specifies skills in slots 1 and 2, the off-hand attunement specifies slots 4 and 5, and the skill in slot 3 depends on the combination of both attunements. Being attuned to two different elements results in a corresponding Dual Attack in slot 3, regardless of the attunements' order.

Weapon skills[edit]

# Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description


Fire Attunement.png Fire Attunement
1 Fire Strike.png Fire Strike 0.5½ Build elemental flames into your sword and strike your enemies.
1 ChainFire Swipe.png Fire Swipe 0.5½ Heat your sword a second time and strike your enemies for increased damage.
1 ChainSearing Slash (weaver).png Searing Slash 0.75¾ Heat your sword a final time and use the full power of your flames to sear enemies and ignite them.
2 Flame Uprising.png Flame Uprising 0.75¾ 8 Jump forward and deliver a fiery blast to the area.
3 Cauterizing Strike.png Cauterizing Strike 0.75¾ 15 Stab your foe with full force, dealing bonus damage against burning enemies.
Water Attunement.png Water Attunement
1 Seiche.png Seiche 0.5½ Imbue your blade with water, healing yourself for each target you strike.
1 ChainClapotis.png Clapotis 0.5½ Deliver a second strike that heals yourself for each target it hits.
1 ChainBreaking Wave.png Breaking Wave 0.75¾ Strike your enemies and unleash a wave that heals allies.
2 Riptide.png Riptide 1 12 Use the element of water to propel yourself backward and regenerate, leaving a healing area at your location.
3 Aqua Siphon.png Aqua Siphon 0.75¾ 15 Strike an enemy and draw water from them, causing them to deliver a healing burst to your allies.
Air Attunement.png Air Attunement
1 Charged Strike.png Charged Strike 0.5½ Strike your foe with shocking force.
1 ChainPolaric Slash.png Polaric Slash 0.5½ Deliver a second strike, gaining swiftness.
1 ChainCall Lightning (weaver).png Call Lightning 0.75¾ Deliver the final attack, calling lightning strikes onto enemies.
2 Polaric Leap.png Polaric Leap 0.5½ 15 Shadowstep to your target and deliver a dazing strike. Gain superspeed if you interrupt an enemy.
3 Quantum Strike.png Quantum Strike 0.75¾ 16 Strike your foe, charging them with static and causing lightning to strike repeatedly for a short period of time.
Earth Attunement.png Earth Attunement
1 Crystal Slash.png Crystal Slash 0.5½ Strike your opponent with your serrated blade.
1 ChainCrystalline Strike.png Crystalline Strike 0.5½ Attack enemies with a second vicious attack.
1 ChainCrystalline Sunder.png Crystalline Sunder 0.75¾ Unleash a final crushing blow.
2 Earthen Vortex.png Earthen Vortex 0.75¾ 10 Burrow into the ground, then erupt with earth-shattering force.
3 Rust Frenzy.png Rust Frenzy 0.5½ 15 Strike your enemies with deadly force.

Dual Attack weapon skills[edit]

Primary article: Dual Attack
# Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description


Fire AttunementWater Attunement Fire + Water
3 Twin Strike.png Twin Strike 0.75¾ 10 Dual Attack. Quickly strike enemies in front of you with the extreme nature of fire and water.
Fire AttunementAir Attunement Fire + Air
3 Pyro Vortex.png Pyro Vortex 0.5½ 12 Dual Attack. Strike enemies in an arc in front of you, creating burning vortexes on enemies you hit.
Fire AttunementEarth Attunement Fire + Earth
3 Lava Skin.png Lava Skin 0.25¼ 18 Dual Attack. Cover yourself in an increasing barrier while dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Water AttunementAir Attunement Water + Air
3 Shearing Edge.png Shearing Edge 0.5½ 12 Dual Attack. Form a frozen blade and spin it toward your enemies.
Water AttunementEarth Attunement Water + Earth
3 Natural Frenzy.png Natural Frenzy 0.5½ 10 Dual Attack. Unleash a volley of ice and earth at your enemies.
Air AttunementEarth Attunement Air + Earth
3 Gale Strike.png Gale Strike 0.75¾ 20 Dual Attack. Strike your enemies, lifting them and creating cyclones at their locations.


Fire AttunementWater Attunement Fire + Water
3 Pressure Blast.png Pressure Blast 1 15 Dual Attack. Send out a vaporous projectile that heals allies it passes through. This projectile violently explodes if it hits the ground or strikes an enemy, healing allies and damaging foes in the area.
Fire AttunementAir Attunement Fire + Air
3 Plasma Blast.png Plasma Blast 0.25¼ 12 Dual Attack. Launch a ball of plasma that explodes on impact at your foes.
Fire AttunementEarth Attunement Fire + Earth
3 Pyroclastic Blast.png Pyroclastic Blast 0.75¾ 15 Dual Attack. Launch a molten rock that devastates an area.
Water AttunementAir Attunement Water + Air
3 Monsoon (weaver skill).png Monsoon 0.5½ 20 Dual Attack. Launch a hurricane in a direction, healing allies and damaging enemies.
Water AttunementEarth Attunement Water + Earth
3 Lahar.png Lahar 0.5½ 20 Dual Attack. Create an area that cripples and damages enemies.
Air AttunementEarth Attunement Air + Earth
3 Pile Driver.png Pile Driver 10.5½ 18 Dual Attack. After a short channel, launch a hyper-fast boulder that decimates foes in its path.


Fire AttunementWater Attunement Fire + Water
3 Steam Surge.png Steam Surge 0.75¾ 18 Dual Attack. Slide to an area, blasting foes with steam while healing nearby allies.
Fire AttunementAir Attunement Fire + Air
3 Plasma Burst.png Plasma Burst 0.75¾ 15 Dual Attack. Burn your foes within a plasma blast.
Fire AttunementEarth Attunement Fire + Earth
3 Ashen Blast.png Ashen Blast 0.5½ 12 Dual Attack. Blind your foes with burning ashes.
Water AttunementAir Attunement Water + Air
3 Katabatic Wind.png Katabatic Wind 18 Dual Attack. Release a frigid wind that damages foes.
Water AttunementEarth Attunement Water + Earth
3 Mud Slide.png Mud Slide 1 20 Dual Attack. Trip your foes with mud as you slide past them.
Air AttunementEarth Attunement Air + Earth
3 Grinding Stones.png Grinding Stones 0.5½ 18 Dual Attack. Shred foes with a storm of stones. Take reduced damage while the storm is active.


Fire AttunementWater Attunement Fire + Water
3 Fiery Frost.png Fiery Frost 0.75¾ 15 Dual Attack. Launch a fire and ice bolt while evading.
Fire AttunementAir Attunement Fire + Air
3 Plasma Beam.png Plasma Beam 10.25¼ 18 Dual Attack. Fire a superheated jet of plasma at your foe.
Fire AttunementEarth Attunement Fire + Earth
3 Fracturing Strike.png Fracturing Strike 1 12 Dual Attack. Call a meteor from the sky that crashes to the ground, creating an eruption of magma.
Water AttunementAir Attunement Water + Air
3 Glacial Drift.png Glacial Drift 0.75¾ 15 Dual Attack. Whirl air and ice together, sending out a supercooled projectile that chills enemies it strikes.
Water AttunementEarth Attunement Water + Earth
3 Stone Tide.png Stone Tide 0.75¾ 15 Dual Attack. Bleed your foe with ice and sharpened stones.
Air AttunementEarth Attunement Air + Earth
3 Earthen Synergy.png Earthen Synergy 0.75¾ 20 Dual Attack. Smite your enemies with the earth and sky, dealing damage from below and then stunning from above.


Fire AttunementAir Attunement Fire + Air
3 Plasmic Strike.png Plasmic Strike 0.5½ 12 Dual Attack. Quickly heat the area around your enemy, melting defenses.
Fire AttunementEarth Attunement Fire + Earth
3 Molten Burst.png Molten Burst 0.75¾ 12 Dual Attack. Gain a shield of earth, then release a molten burst from your location.
Fire AttunementWater Attunement Fire + Water
3 Hydrothermal Vent.png Hydrothermal Vent 1 15 Dual Attack. Create a thermal vent around your target.
Water AttunementAir Attunement Water + Air
3 Absolute Zero.png Absolute Zero 0.5½ 20 Dual Attack. Send out a supercooled shard that freezes enemies it hits.
Water AttunementEarth Attunement Water + Earth
3 Elemental Compression.png Elemental Compression 1 12 Dual Attack. Inflict the area around your target with the immense pressures of the earth and sea.
Air AttunementEarth Attunement Air + Earth
3 Sodden Swath.png Sodden Swath 0.5½ 18 Dual Attack. Launch a twisting earthen vortex at your enemies.

Slot skills[edit]


Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Aquatic Stance.png Aquatic Stance Not available underwater 0.75¾ 4 Stance. Striking a foe causes water to erupt from them, healing your nearby allies.


Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Primordial Stance.png Primordial Stance 5 Stance. Channel the prime elements at their core, dealing damage based on your current attunements. Fully attuning deals the same condition twice.
Stone Resonance.png Stone Resonance 5 Stance. Enter an earthen state, gaining barrier periodically over the course of the stance.
Unravel.png Unravel 5 Stance. For a period of time, you forego your weaver training, choosing to fully attune to elements instead. Gain boons based on your primary attunement, and reduce all attunement cooldowns.
Twist of Fate.png Twist of Fate Not available underwater 1 5 Stance. Break stun, then spin and briefly evade attacks.


Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Weave Self.png Weave Self 0.75¾ 90 Stance. Temporarily reduce the recharge time of attunements while gaining bonuses for attuning to new elements. Successfully attuning to all elements ends this stance and grants Perfect Weave.
ChainTailored Victory.png Tailored Victory 0.75¾ Release all of your woven elements and end your Weave Self stance, causing gravity itself to unravel around you.

List of weaver traits[edit]

See also: List of elementalist traits

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Proficiency Sword Proficiency.png Sword Proficiency You can wield swords in your main hand.
Minor Adept Weaver (trait).png Weaver Your active attunement is now applied to your main hand, with the old attunement moving to your off hand. Attunement recharges are reduced. Gain access to Dual Attack and the Stance utility types.
Major Adept Superior Elements.png Superior Elements 4 Dual Attack skills weaken enemies. Attacks against weakened foes have increased critical chance.
Major Adept Elemental Pursuit.png Elemental Pursuit 10 Gain superspeed when inflicting inhibiting conditions on enemies.
Major Adept Master's Fortitude.png Master's Fortitude Gain increased vitality when wielding a sword. Gain bonus vitality based on a portion of your power and condition damage.
Minor Master Elemental Refreshment.png Elemental Refreshment Grant barrier to yourself and nearby allies when using Dual Attack skills.
Major Master Weaver's Prowess.png Weaver's Prowess Gain increased condition damage and duration for a period of time after attuning to a different element.
Major Master Swift Revenge.png Swift Revenge Gain swiftness when using a Dual Attack. Deal increased strike damage to enemies while under the effects of swiftness or superspeed.
Major Master Bolstered Elements.png Bolstered Elements 70 Gain barrier when activating a Stance. Activate Lesser Stone Resonance when struck while below the health threshold.
Minor Grandmaster Elemental Polyphony.png Elemental Polyphony Gain attributes based on your current attunement. When dual attuned, gain both benefits.
Major Grandmaster Elements of Rage.png Elements of Rage Gain a bonus to all damage dealt for a period of time when attuned to a single element. Gain precision based on a percentage of your vitality.
Major Grandmaster Woven Stride.png Woven Stride 3 Gain swiftness when you are inflicted with inhibiting conditions. When gaining either superspeed or swiftness, also gain regeneration. Swiftness has increased effectiveness.
Major Grandmaster Invigorating Strikes.png Invigorating Strikes Gain vigor when using a Dual Attack. Dodge rolling grants a barrier.


Weavers can attune to two different elements simultaneously, deftly cycling them from hand to hand and combining them to powerful effect. They favor swords in battle, and channel the strength of the elements using their stance skills.

— Official site

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  • Elementalist core utility skills and traits (like Glyph of Elementals, Soothing Mist and Stone Heart) are based only on the mainhand attunement. For example, the trait Soothing Mist will not activate when attuned to Earth in the mainhand and Water in the offhand.
  • Like all skills in the game, cooldowns are per-skill, not per-slot. Each weapon's six Dual Attacks have their own individual cooldowns so, after casting a Dual Attack, you can attune to a different element and immediately cast that new Dual Attack, allowing weavers to cast Dual Attacks very frequently.
  • Weavers wielding a sword are true melee character. Players need to beware how squishy they are as they can get spiked quickly if not careful.
  • The second sword skill is always a movement skill that allows player to gap close or retreat depending on the attunement. Fire and Air are offensive gap closers while Water and Earth are defensive retreats.
  • When swapping attunements with Weaver, all four attunements go into the same cooldown of 4 seconds. This is different from core elementalists that get a bigger cooldown on the attunement they swapped from, but a shorter one on the others.
  • Players may speak to Folarin Oyekan around Vehtendi Academy in the Domain of Vabbi to learn more about the specialization.
  • If Auto-attack is enabled on the basic attack chain, the Weaver will always complete the basic attack chain of the element they were attuned to at the start of the first attack, even if they switch to a different attunement at any point during the chain.
    • Eg. if a Weaver casts Charged Strike, and then attunes to Water, auto-attack will complete the Air auto-attack chain, and will only start the Water auto-attack chain after finishing Call Lightning. This is impossible to reproduce if auto-attack is disabled.
  • On rare occasions, a Weaver might retain a Dual Attack weapon skill after switching from being attuned to two elements, to being attuned to only one element. This happens most often while dismounting or switching maps where switching maps changes from a non-weaver build template to a weaver build template.


  • Weaver is a concept that started development before the Heart of Thorns expansion. It was a contender for an elite specialization for HoT but the tech wasn't quite there yet.
  • The developers recommend people use the Unravel utility when they try to get familiar with the Weaver mechanics. This basically allow you to lose the weaver mechanics temporarily and fully attune to the elements instead. It can be handy to get to a skill you need quickly without preplanning.
  • The elite skill rewards players that can weave through all four attunements instead of sticking with two.
  • This elite specialization received the most new skills. The sword adds 20 new single-attunement skills, and each mainhand weapon type gained six unique dual attacks for a total of 30 dual attacks, resulting in 50 new weapon skills.

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