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An interrupt is any action that prevents a foe from completing its current action. Skills which are interrupted have a 5 second cooldown before they can be cast again. Chains are reset to the first skill in the chain any time the player is interrupted. Skill activation can be cancelled by a player casting the skill, but is not considered interruption. When an interrupt occurs, the word Interrupt! appears on the screen. Foes with a Defiance Bar cannot be interrupted; however Skills, traits, and sigils that have bonus effects when interrupting foes will activate when used against foes with defiance bars as though they had been interrupted.

Effects causing interruption[edit]

Most interrupts are caused by control effects. As such, the stability boon provides immunity against interrupts.

  • Daze.png Daze – Disables all skills for a short duration.
  • Knockdown.png Knockdown – Knocks the target on ground, preventing movement and actions for a short duration.
  • Launch.png Launch – Throws the target in the air over a short distance, preventing movement and actions for a short duration.
  • Push.png Pull – Pulls the caster to the target or the target to a specific location and disables them for a short duration.
  • Knockback.png Knockback – Pushes the target away and on the ground, preventing movement and actions for a short duration.
  • Stun.png Stun – Prevents movement and actions for a short duration.
  • Float.png Float - Causes the underwater target to move upwards.
  • Sink.png Sink - Causes the underwater target to move downwards.
  • Fear.png Fear – Disables all skills and causes the target to flee directly away from the caster for a short duration.
  • Taunt.png Taunt - Forces the affected target to run towards the source of taunt with all skills except stun breakers disabled while using their auto-attack skill.

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Skills that benefit from interrupting foes[edit]

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  • Interrupts as they existed in Guild Wars (see here) are not as prevalent in Guild Wars 2 because of their dependence on low network latency to be used effectively.[1]


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