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Disambig icon.png This article is about the general mechanic that reflects projectiles. For the effect applied by Master of Fragmentation, see Reflection.

Reflect is a combat mechanic that returns incoming projectile attacks to their source, including all properties of the projectiles; the original target is unaffected by a reflected attack. However, reflected attacks do not count as hits and will not trigger hit-based effects, such as on-hit sigil effects. Unblockable projectiles cannot be reflected.

For example, if a ranger attacks a foe using the longbow's Rapid Fire, the arrows will be reflected back at the ranger. If any hit, the ranger will be damaged and be affected by vulnerability; the target will not.

Each projectile can only be reflected twice, after which they will go through any further reflecting effects unless they can also block projectiles.

The way traits affect reflected projectiles depends on each particular trait-skill combination, and how each trait interacts with skills and effects. For example:

  • Leg Specialist deals immobilize when crippled is dealt, so a Throw Axe reflected back at someone with Leg Specialist will not deal immobilize unless the one who reflects it has also Leg Specialist or a similar trait; but if the one reflecting has Leg Specialist, the immobilized will be dealt along the reflected crippled, as the immobilize is added to the act of dealing crippled, not to the skill.

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Related traits[edit]

Traits that reflect

Trait skills that reflect

Related effects[edit]

Effects that cause reflect[edit]

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Non-projectiles that can be reflected[edit]

These skills can be reflected, even though they do not appear to be projectiles.

Open world[edit]


Fractals of the Mists[edit]

  • Uncategorized Fractal:
    • Ettin: Bellow (glows and stomps ground)
    • The puzzle stairwell orbs can be reflected.
  • Captain Mai Trin: Pistol Shot (teleporting skill) can be reflected, teleporting you to Mai Trin
  • Snowblind Fractal — Sons of Svanir: the greatsword Whirlwind Attack (glow and stick sword in ground) can be reflected.
  • Molten Furnace Fractal — Weapon Testing Facility: Fire tornado phase and Fire barrage phase can be reflected. Place the reflect/absorb skill right in the center of the Fire barrage to work.

Unreflectable special cases[edit]

These skills cannot be reflected, even though they appear to include projectile-like animations or are similar to real-world projectiles

Open world[edit]

  • Blunderbuss: the game does not treat buckshot or shrapnel skills as projectiles.


Ascalonian Catacombs
  • Spider Queen: her Venom Spray projectiles are unblockable.
  • Cave Troll's Troll Smash (a bouncing electric ball) and its stomp cannot be reflected
Caudecus's Manor
Twilight Arbor
  • Greater Vine/Nightmare Vines: Spit
  • Malrona: Venom Blast is made of unblockable projectiles.
  • Spiders generally cannot be reflected, except for their Entangling Web Attack; everything else is a spray/bite.
  • Slick: Tar Pool
  • Sparki: Ground Bloom
Honor of the Waves
  • Icebrood Troll: Every skill of this champion is unblockable, making reflects obsolete.
  • Aldus Stormbringer: Although his projectiles can be reflected, if he has his Shield of Jormag buff, they will be re-reflected back at you, potentially killing you instantly.
Crucible of Eternity
The Ruined City of Arah
  • Champion Orrian Spiders: Venom Blast (same attack as Malrona)
  • Dead Eye: Kill shot is unblockable
  • Ancient Ooze and Vile Oozes have unblockable attacks.
  • Shoggroth: Tar Spit is unblockable.
  • Inquest Handler: Blunderbuss
  • Alphard: Daggerstorm (electric bouncing bolts are unblockable)
  • Belka's projectiles can be reflected, however if her Bubble buff is up, her projectiles will reflect back at you (e.g. Point Blank Shot - the knockback)
  • Wraithlord's Hunter: Poison Cloud is unblockable.

Fractals of the Mists[edit]

Uncategorized Fractal
Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal


Spirit Vale
Salvation Pass
The Key of Ahdashim


  • Reflection projectile's chance to cause a critical hit scale with the Precision of the character who used reflect, not the original attacker's.

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