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Disambig icon.png This article is about the specialization. For the profession mechanic, see Illusion.
Specialization background.

"Or am I an illusion, too?"

Illusion magic specializes in the creation and enhancement of your clones and phantasms. It also improves the power of your shatter skills, granting a vicious and elusive advantage in battle.

— In-game description


Illusions is a core specialization for the mesmer that focuses on improving shattering and illusions.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Cry of Pain.png Cry of Pain Shatter skill 2 inflicts more stacks of confusion for an increased duration.
Major Adept Shattered Strength.png Shatter Storm Shatter skill 1 becomes an ammo skill.
Major Adept Persistence of Memory.png Persistence of Memory When a phantasm becomes a clone, it transfers its boons to you.
Major Adept The Pledge.png The Pledge Flame bursts from torch skills inflict additional burning.
Minor Master Compounding Power.png Compounding Power Creating an illusion increases your outgoing damage and condition damage for a short duration.

Virtuoso: Triggers when stocking a blade.
Major Master Escape Artist.png Escape Artist When a phantasm is created, grant it distortion.
Major Master Phantasmal Haste.png Phantasmal Haste Phantasms spawn with quickness. Gain quickness when you create a phantasm.
Major Master Maim the Disillusioned.png Maim the Disillusioned Shatter skills inflict torment on hit.
Minor Grandmaster Master of Misdirection.png Master of Misdirection Shatter skills gain recharge reduction.
Major Grandmaster Mistrust.png Phantasmal Force Phantasms deal increased strike damage for each stack of might you have. Gain might when your phantasms become clones.
Major Grandmaster Master of Fragmentation.png Master of Fragmentation Your Shatter skills are improved.
Major Grandmaster Malicious Sorcery.png Malicious Sorcery Confusion you inflict has increased duration. When you dodge an attack, inflict confusion on your attacker.
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