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Disambig icon.png This article is about the skill type. For other uses, see Venom (disambiguation).

Venom is a skill type that adds effects like conditions to the next few attacks made. Once used, the venom will last for a moderately long time on the player, until the stated amount of attacks have been made. During this time venom skills will recharge normally. Venoms are also applied to preparation hits and area of effect skills. Area of effect attacks will reduce the count by one per target hit, and only hit as many targets as could be hit.

Venoms are shared in a radius around the player to nearby players and NPCs. Venoms that apply damaging conditions will use the condition damage and duration of the character who applied the venom.

List of venom skills[edit]

Venom training.
Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Thief icon small.png Thief[edit]

Skelk Venom.png Skelk Venom 1 25 Venom. Heal yourself. Your next few attacks heal you.
Devourer Venom.png Devourer Venom 40 Venom. Your next few attacks immobilize foes.
Ice Drake Venom.png Ice Drake Venom 36 Venom. Chill foes with your next few attacks.
Skale Venom.png Skale Venom 30 Venom. Apply vulnerability and torment with your next few attacks.
Spider Venom.png Spider Venom 30 Venom. Poison foes with your next few attacks.
Basilisk Venom.png Basilisk Venom 1 40 Venom. Your attacks are unblockable and turn foes to stone.

Thief icon small.png Stolen skills[edit]

Soul Stone Venom.png Soul Stone Venom Venom. Use a corrupted soul stone to remove conditions on allies and apply a stack of venom for each condition removed. Allies that hit with this venom will initiate a strike that originates from the thief.

Related traits[edit]


  • All venoms can be activated in mid-air.
  • As of July 26, 2016 game update, when you use a venom skill you apply the effects to up to 4 nearby allies as well.
  • Venoms are applied on strike/direct hit.