Forest of Niflhel

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Forest of Niflhel

Forest of Niflhel map.jpg
Map of Forest of Niflhel

The Mists

Forest of Niflhel loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Control capture points to gain score for your team, first team to a score of 500 wins. Kill neutral NPC's
for 25 points and powerful buffs!

— In-game description

Forest of Niflhel is a structured PvP map. It is a conquest map with three capture points and powerful NPC creatures as the secondary mechanic.


Capture points[edit]

Event star (tango icon).png
Capture the point (0)
  • Henge.png
    Henge (west)
  • Keep.png
    Keep (north)
  • Mine (map icon).png
    Mine (east)

Respawn areas[edit]

  • Blue Base.png
    Blue (south-west)
  • Red Base.png
    Red (south-east)

Secondary Mechanics[edit]

There are 2 powerful NPC creatures that grant unique buffs and 25 score points if killed. They spawn for the first time 1 minute after a match has started and when killed after 3 minutes.

  • Svanir (map icon).png
    Svanir - He is located in the north-east corner of the map. Grants the unique buff Well of Corruption.png Aura of Power - Svanir when killed which increases all stats by 50 and lasts for 90 seconds.



  • In Norse mythology, Niflhel was a realm for people who died an unheroic death.
  • During the Beta, when you managed to capture the keep the message "That Keep is yours. Keep it!" appeared. When you lost it, the message "You couldn't keep the Keep" appeared instead.
  • A sign posted outside an entrance to the Mine area is written in New Krytan, saying: "Warning: Broodmother".

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