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Disambig icon.png This article is about the elementalist specialization. For the Sanctum Sprint skill, see Tempest (Sanctum Sprint).
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Wielding an off-hand warhorn and utilizing shouts, tempests blast out elemental power to support allies at close range and deal constant damage to enemies. Tempests will be able to overload their attunements at the penalty of recharge in order to deliver high-pressure sustained damage, control, and healing to nearby areas.

— Tempest release notes

Tempest.pngTempest tango icon 20px.png Tempest is a supportive elite specialization for the elementalist that focuses on shout skills and adds a new overload mechanic to their attunements. It also allows them to use a warhorn.

List of tempest skills[edit]

See also: List of elementalist skills

Profession mechanic[edit]

Overload is a profession mechanic exclusive to tempests that grant additional skills while in each attunement, causing an effect while the tempest channels it and for a short period afterwards. Each overload skill is able to be used after 6 seconds in the attunement. Using the overload causes the attunement to go on recharge. When changing attunements, the remaining cooldown time will be used if it is longer than the normal cooldown for leaving an element of 10 seconds (modified by Elemental Enchantment), otherwise it will be set to the normal cooldown.

When swapping to a new attunement, the overload's initial cooldown is sometimes slightly longer than normal. This bug was added with the introduction of the Weaver. This bug only occurs when swapping attunements immediately after finishing the overload's cast.
Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Fire Attunement.png
 Fire Attunement
Attune to fire, gaining heavy damage and burning abilities.
Redirect Arrow.png
Overload Fire.png
 Overload Fire
4 20 Unleash all flames you've accumulated, searing enemies and strengthening allies. Finishing the cast leaves a tornado behind. Using this skill causes the attunement to have longer recharge.
Water Attunement.png
 Water Attunement
Attune to water, gaining superior support and healing abilities.
Redirect Arrow.png
Overload Water.png
 Overload Water
4 20 Create a surge of accumulated water magic, healing and cleansing allies. When the cast ends, heal the area and apply regeneration. Using this skill causes the attunement to have a longer recharge.
Air Attunement.png
 Air Attunement
Attune to air, gaining heavy damage and control abilities.
Redirect Arrow.png
Overload Air.png
 Overload Air
4 20 Use your air magic to summon a nimbus that repeatedly strikes nearby enemies. When this ability is complete, imbue your allies with electricity and create a lingering static region that strikes enemies at the same interval. Using this skill causes the attunement to have a longer recharge.
Earth Attunement.png
 Earth Attunement
Attune to earth, gaining superior damage-over-time and defensive abilities.
Redirect Arrow.png
Overload Earth.png
 Overload Earth
4 20 Ride your stored earth magic around, granting protection to other allies you move over and crippling enemies, then deliver a final immobilizing blast of power to the area, leaving behind a dust cyclone that delivers the same effects as the overload. Using this skill causes the attunement to have a longer recharge.

Weapon skills[edit]

Skill Type Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description


Fire Attunement.png
 Fire Attunement
Heat Sync.png
 Heat Sync
0.75¾ 30 Give stacks of might to yourself, then spread boons you have to allies.
0.75¾ 30 Release a fiery torrent that burns enemies.
Water Attunement.png
 Water Attunement
Tidal Surge.png
 Tidal Surge
0.25¼ 35 Send out a tidal wave that regenerates and heal
allies, then knocks enemies back.
Water Globe.png
 Water Globe
0.5½ 35 Blast out a watery orb that heals allies as it travels.
Air Attunement.png
 Air Attunement
1 25 Blast out a cyclone that pulls enemies toward its location and grants swiftness to allies it affects.
Lightning Orb.png
 Lightning Orb
0.5½ 25 Launch an orb of lightning that fires projectiles at nearby foes.
Earth Attunement.png
 Earth Attunement
Sand Squall.png
 Sand Squall
0.75¾ 30 Apply protection to you and your allies, then increase the duration of all boons currently existing on you and your allies. Gain magnetic aura.
Dust Storm.png
 Dust Storm
0.75¾ 30 Summon a dust storm that inflicts conditions.

Slot skills[edit]


Skill Type Underwater.png Hero point.png Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
"Wash the Pain Away!".png
 "Wash the Pain Away!"
Shout 15 10.5½ 20 Mists billow out of the player, healing allies that are in range.


Skill Type Underwater.png Hero point.png Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
"Feel the Burn!".png
 "Feel the Burn!"
Shout 15 25 Heat waves blast out from the player, causing damage and granting fire aura to allies.
"Eye of the Storm!".png
 "Eye of the Storm!"
Shout 15 40 Imbue your voice with the element of air, massively increasing speed and breaking stun for nearby allies.
Shout 15 0.25¼ 35 Call upon the earth to cripple and immobilize foes in the area around you. Allies in the initial blast gain magnetic aura.
Shout 15 0.25¼ 25 Unleash a torrent of ice on enemy locations, chilling those who cannot escape. Grant frost aura to allies in range.


Skill Type Underwater.png Hero point.png Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Shout 25 0.25¼ 75 Shout and infuse your allies with arcane energy. Allies who would take lethal damage while this is active ignore the deathblow and are healed instead. If the effect expires naturally, grant an aura based on your current attunement.

List of tempest traits[edit]

See also: List of elementalist traits
Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Proficiency Warhorn Proficiency.png Warhorn Proficiency You can wield the warhorn weapon.
Minor Adept Singularity.png Singularity Attain elemental singularity by remaining in an attunement for a period of time. Upon attaining singularity, you may overload the attunement to your vicinity.
Major Adept Gale Song.png Gale Song 40 Trigger "Eye of the Storm!" when a foe attempts to control you by stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, fear, taunt, or launch.
Major Adept Latent Stamina.png Latent Stamina 10 Apply vigor in a radius when attuning to water. Granting vigor to allies also restores a portion of endurance.
Major Adept Unstable Conduit.png Unstable Conduit Overloading an attunement grants an aura based on the element you're attuned to when the ability is completed.
Minor Master Speedy Conduit.png Speedy Conduit Gain swiftness when overloading an attunement.
Major Master Tempestuous Aria.png Tempestuous Aria Allies affected by your shouts gain might. Enemies are affected by weakness.
Major Master Invigorating Torrents.png Invigorating Torrents Auras you apply also grant regeneration and vigor.
Major Master Harmonious Conduit.png Harmonious Conduit Gain stability when beginning an overload. Upon successfully completing an overload, gain increased damage for a period of time.
Minor Grandmaster Hardy Conduit.png Hardy Conduit Gain protection while overloading an attunement. Protection has increased effectiveness.
Major Grandmaster Imbued Melodies.png Imbued Melodies 30 Gain increased concentration when wielding a warhorn. Use Sand Squall when struck while below the health threshold.
Major Grandmaster Lucid Singularity.png Lucid Singularity Remove and gain massive resistance to movement-impeding conditions while overloading your attunements.
Major Grandmaster Elemental Bastion.png Elemental Bastion 30 Auras you apply heal allies. Apply a frost aura to yourself and nearby allies when struck while below the health threshold.


List of tempest equipment[edit]

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