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Movement speed is greatly increased.

— In-game description

Superspeed is an effect that provides a 100% increase to movement speed. Other effects that provide a bonus to movement speed (e.g. Swiftness, certain traits and signets) do not stack with superspeed; only the highest increase in movement speed will be applied.

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  • Does not grant any movement speed increase while backpedaling or strafing.
  • Only provides the 100% increase to movement speed while in combat. Outside of combat it provides close to the same 33% increase to movement speed as Swiftness.
  • Does not ignore chill and cripple movement slowing effects, but counteracts them somewhat (providing 134% or 150% speed instead of 200%)
  • Superspeed does not stack duration and new application will remove the old one even if it is longer duration.
  • Affects Siege Golem in World vs World.