Revenge of the Capricorn

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Revenge of the Capricorn

Revenge of the Capricorn map.jpg
Map of Revenge of the Capricorn

The Mists

Revenge of the Capricorn loading screen.jpg
Loading screen


Revenge of the Capricorn.jpg

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  • The first team to reach the score limit wins.
  • Control capture points to earn points for your team.
  • Defeat enemies to earn a small amount of points for your team.
  • Capture the bell when it becomes available in order to fire on the Capricorn and earn points for your team!
  • The bell's point value increases separately for each team every time that team captures it.
    First Bell Captured: +25 Points
    Second Bell Captured: +50 Points
    Third Bell Captured: +75 Points
    Fourth Bell Captured: +100 Points

— Instructions

Revenge of the Capricorn is a structured PvP map. It is a conquest map with three capture points. Its secondary mechanic is a fourth capture point that periodically becomes available for capture. The team that captures it gains additional points.


Capture points[edit]


Secondary mechanics[edit]

  • Event star (tango icon).png Fire Cannons at the Capricorn (0) for capturing the bell when available to gain additional points. Points earned increase separately for each team every time the team captures it. It appears every 3 minutes
    • Bell.png Bell (center)
      • First capture: +25 points
      • Second capture: +50 points
      • Third capture: +75 points
      • Fourth capture: +100 points


Capture point ground decals


  • This map does not calculate offense and defense statistics correctly for end-of-match top stats. In particular, defense generally shows 0 ticks regardless of your efforts to defend captured points during the match. Oftentimes this top stat is therefore not awarded at all, although sometimes 1 tick gets awarded to a player (the method to obtain any ticks here is unclear).
  • This map was added in the July 26, 2016 game update.
  • The south capture point and the Bell point were both moved north after PvP League Season Five.
  • This map was added to the ranked pool in the June 06, 2017 game update.


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