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Disambig icon.png This article is about the profession mechanic. For for other effects, see Justice (disambiguation).

Justice is a profession mechanic for the guardian. While the virtue skill 1 is not on cooldown and as the guardian attacks, the left half of the skill bar will show a blue flame of increasing intensity, until the fifth hit (third hit with Permeating Wrath) will active Justice's passive effect, causing the next hit to apply burning. Skills that hit multiple times or multiple targets build up the effect faster. The hit counter is conserved across combat sessions and the passive effect remains when combat ends. Using the core guardian profession skill Virtue of Justice provides Justice's active effect for 20 seconds, causing the next hit to apply burning with improved duration or stacks (depending on the game mode) compared to the passive effect.

Skill bar showing the Justice effect

The elite specializations have different passive or active Justice effects:

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