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A healing skill is a skill that occupies the sixth skill slot on the skill bar. All healing skills restore health via healing; some grant additional benefits. Each character has a core profession healing skill initially and other healing skills are unlocked with hero points through the hero panel.

Healing skills should not be confused with skills in other skill slots that can heal — only the skills listed below qualify. This is especially true for traits and upgrade components which trigger "on healing," referring to the use of dedicated healing skill. When used, healing skills interrupt any other skill cast.

Profession healing skills[edit]

Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Guardian icon small.png Guardian

Shelter.png Shelter 10.25¼ 30 Block attacks while healing.
Litany of Wrath.png Litany of Wrath 0.25¼ 20 Meditation. Heal yourself. For a brief time, heal yourself based on a percentage of damage dealt to enemies.
"Receive the Light!".png "Receive the Light!" Not available underwater 20.25¼ 24 Shout. Heal yourself and allies in a cone in front of you.
Signet of Resolve.png Signet of Resolve 1 25 Signet Passive: Remove a condition from yourself every few seconds.
Signet Active: Heal yourself and remove conditions.

Dragonhunter icon small.png Dragonhunter

Purification.png Purification Not available underwater 0.75¾ 24 Trap. Heal yourself and imbue your light into a trap. Enemies that trigger this trap are damaged and blinded as the light returns to you for a second heal.

Firebrand icon small.png Firebrand

Mantra of Solace.png Mantra of Solace 20.25¼ 24 Mantra. Prepare to heal yourself and grant boons to allies.
The final charge of this ability is more powerful.
ChainRestoring Reprieve.png Restoring Reprieve 1 Gain health. Grant boons to yourself and allies in front of and around you.
ChainRejuvenating Respite.png Rejuvenating Respite 1 Final Charge. Gain significant health. Grant boons to yourself and allies in front of and around you.

Willbender icon small.png Willbender

Reversal of Fortune.png Reversal of Fortune Not available underwater 10.5½ 2 Physical. Guard yourself with light, negating the next incoming strike and healing you instead, even if the strike would have been lethal. If an effect causes damage that would be lethal, that damage will be negated and you will be healed instead. If no attacks or lethal damage are negated, you will be healed for the lowest set amount.

Revenant icon small.png Revenant

Enchanted Daggers.png Enchanted Daggers 0.5½ 30 Legendary Assassin. Summon enchanted daggers that will attack as you attack, siphoning life from targets hit.
Project Tranquility.png Project Tranquility Not available underwater 2 Project Ventari's tablet into the world. The tablet will heal allies near it every few seconds.
(The tablet will disappear if you move outside the tether distance.)
ChainVentari's Will.png Ventari's Will Not available underwater 0.25¼ Legendary Centaur. Will the tablet toward the target location.
Empowering Misery.png Empowering Misery 0.75¾ 30 Legendary Demon. Heal yourself. Heal more for each condition currently applied to you.
Soothing Stone.png Soothing Stone 1 30 Legendary Dwarf. Remove conditions and heal yourself. Gain resolution.

Herald icon small.png Herald

Facet of Light.png Facet of Light 0.25¼ Legendary Dragon. Facet. Place the Facet of Light on yourself to grant nearby allies regeneration every few seconds.
ChainInfuse Light.png Infuse Light 30 Legendary Dragon. Consume. Consume Facet of Light to heal yourself and convert all incoming strikes to heals for a short duration.

Renegade icon small.png Renegade

Breakrazor's Bastion.png Breakrazor's Bastion Not available underwater 0.75¾ 30 Legendary Renegade. Summon Era Breakrazor to heal your allies while shielding them from condition damage.

Vindicator icon small.png Vindicator

Selfless Spirit.png Selfless Spirit 10.5½ 10 Legendary Alliance. Heal allies in an area.
Selfish Spirit.png Selfish Spirit 10.5½ 10 Legendary Alliance. Channel your rage into the nearby area, healing and empowering yourself for each enemy struck.

Warrior icon small.png Warrior

Mending.png Mending 1 12 Physical. Remove conditions and heal yourself.
"To the Limit!".png "To the Limit!" 1 24 Shout. Heal yourself and regain all adrenaline. Nearby allies gain endurance.
Healing Signet.png Healing Signet 10.25¼ 20 Signet Passive: Regenerate health.
Signet Active: Heal yourself, and grant yourself resistance.
Defiant Stance.png Defiant Stance 0.25¼ 30 Stance. Heal yourself. Absorb all incoming strikes for a period of time.

Berserker icon small.png Berserker

Blood Reckoning.png Blood Reckoning 0.25¼ 20 Rage. Heal yourself, gain adrenaline, and recharge all primal burst skills. Heal for a percentage of your outgoing damage. This skill extends the duration of berserk mode.

Spellbreaker icon small.png Spellbreaker

Natural Healing.png Natural Healing Not available underwater 10.25¼ 25 Meditation. Lose boons and conditions, then heal yourself.

Bladesworn icon small.png Bladesworn

Combat Stimulant.png Combat Stimulant 0.75¾ 1 Armament. Heal yourself and enter Stim State. When Stim State expires, you are healed again. Using this skill while in Stim State grants boons.

Engineer icon small.png Engineer

Elixir H.png Elixir H 0.75¾ 20 Elixir. Drink Elixir H to heal yourself and gain protection, regeneration, and swiftness.
Med Kit.png Med Kit Engineering Kit. Equip a kit that replaces your weapon with healing skills.
ChainLeave Transform.png Stow Med Kit Stow your med kit.
A.E.D..png A.E.D. 0.75¾ 24 Gadget. Activate your A.E.D., enabling the system to heal you after a brief period of time. If you take lethal damage while A.E.D. is active, it ends and heals you for a large amount and removes conditions.
Cleansing Burst.png Cleansing Burst Not available underwater Overcharge your healing turret to cure conditions and grant a burst of healing.
Healing Turret.png Healing Turret Not available underwater 0.75¾ 20 Turret. Deploy a turret that heals you briefly, then regenerates you and your allies. This turret overcharges when it is first placed.
ChainDetonate Net Turret.png Detonate Healing Turret Not available underwater Detonate your healing turret.

Scrapper icon small.png Scrapper

Medic Gyro.png Medic Gyro 0.5½ 20 Well. Deploy a medic gyro to heal yourself and nearby allies.

Holosmith icon small.png Holosmith

Coolant Blast.png Coolant Blast 0.75¾ 20 Exceed. Heal yourself and chill nearby foes. If you are above the heat threshold when this skill is activated, gain Frost Aura and continue healing for a duration.

Mechanist icon small.png Mechanist

Rectifier Signet.png Rectifier Signet 0.75¾ 30 Signet Passive: Heal yourself and your mech every second.
Signet Active: Heal yourself and your mech.

Ranger icon small.png Ranger

"We Heal As One!".png "We Heal As One!" 1 20 Command. Heal yourself and your pet. You each gain copies of the other's boons.
Water Spirit.png Water Spirit 0.75¾ 20 Spirit. Summon a water spirit at a target location and heal yourself and your pet. The spirit will slam the ground and then shake, granting boons to nearby allies.
ChainAqua Surge.png Aqua Surge 0.75¾ Your water spirit slams the ground and creates a wave that heals nearby allies.
Troll Unguent.png Troll Unguent 0.75¾ 20 Survival. You and your pet regenerate health over time.
Healing Spring.png Healing Spring Not available underwater 0.5½ 24 Trap. Heals you and your pet. Place a trap that grants regeneration and cures conditions on allies.

Druid icon small.png Druid

Glyph of Rejuvenation.png Glyph of Rejuvenation Not available underwater 20 Glyph. Greatly heal yourself and your pet, while healing nearby allies for a minor amount.
Glyph of Rejuvenation (Celestial Avatar).png Glyph of Rejuvenation Not available underwater 1 20 Glyph. Greatly heal your allies while healing yourself and your pet for a minor amount.
Glyph of Rejuvenation.png Glyph of Rejuvenation Not available underwater 0.5½ 20 Glyph. Greatly heal yourself and your pet, while healing nearby allies for a minor amount.

Soulbeast icon small.png Soulbeast

Bear Stance.png Bear Stance 0.75¾ 25 Stance. Heal yourself and your pet. Lose conditions while in this stance, healing for each condition lost.

Untamed icon small.png Untamed

Perilous Gift.png Perilous Gift 0.75¾ 30 Cantrip. While active, you take no damage from incoming attacks or conditions. When the cantrip ends, heal based on a percentage of your missing health.

Thief icon small.png Thief

Hide in Shadows.png Hide in Shadows 1 30 Deception. Vanish in stealth and cure conditions. Then gain regeneration and heal yourself.
Signet of Malice.png Signet of Malice 10.25¼ 12 Signet Passive: Heals when you attack.
Signet Active: Gain health.
Withdraw.png Withdraw 18 Trick. Cure conditions, then roll backward while healing and evading attacks.
Skelk Venom.png Skelk Venom 1 25 Venom. Heal yourself. Your next few attacks heal you.

Daredevil icon small.png Daredevil

Channeled Vigor.png Channeled Vigor Not available underwater 0.75¾ 20 Physical. Channel your energy to gain endurance and health per pulse. Heal for more if your endurance is full.

Deadeye icon small.png Deadeye

Malicious Restoration.png Malicious Restoration Not available underwater 0.75¾ 25 Cantrip. Transfer your conditions to your marked target and then heal yourself.

Specter icon small.png Specter

Well of Gloom.png Well of Gloom Not available underwater 1 20 Well. Shadowstep to your target location and drop a well that cripples foes and heals allies.

Elementalist icon small.png Elementalist

Arcane Brilliance.png Arcane Brilliance 0.75¾ 20 Arcane. Blast the area, hitting foes with critical damage and healing yourself. Healing effectiveness is increased per target hit.
Ether Renewal.png Ether Renewal 20.25¼ 15 Cantrip. Cure a condition and heal yourself with every pulse.
Glyph of Elemental Harmony.png Glyph of Elemental Harmony 1 20 Glyph. Heal yourself and gain a boon based on your attunement.
Signet of Restoration.png Signet of Restoration 1 20 Signet Passive: Grants health every time you cast a spell.
Signet Active: Heal yourself.
Glyph of Elemental Harmony (fire).png Glyph of Elemental Harmony 1 20 Glyph. Heal yourself and gain a boon based on your attunement.
Glyph of Elemental Harmony (water).png Glyph of Elemental Harmony 1 20 Glyph. Heal yourself and gain a boon based on your attunement.
Glyph of Elemental Harmony (air).png Glyph of Elemental Harmony 1 20 Glyph. Heal yourself and gain a boon based on your attunement.
Glyph of Elemental Harmony (earth).png Glyph of Elemental Harmony 1 20 Glyph. Heal yourself and gain a boon based on your attunement.

Tempest icon small.png Tempest

"Wash the Pain Away!".png "Wash the Pain Away!" 10.5½ 20 Shout. Mists billow from you, healing allies in range and cleansing conditions on the final pulse.

Weaver icon small.png Weaver

Aquatic Stance.png Aquatic Stance Not available underwater 0.75¾ 4 Stance. Flow like water, gaining endurance. Striking a foe causes water to erupt from them, healing your nearby allies.

Catalyst icon small.png Catalyst

Soothing Water.png Soothing Water 0.75¾ 25 Augment. Regenerate health and cleanse conditions over time. If this is cast in range of your Water Sphere, the recharge time is reduced.

Mesmer icon small.png Mesmer

Ether Feast.png Ether Feast 1 20 Heal yourself. Gain additional health for each active clone.
Mirror.png Mirror 10.25¼ 12 Manipulation. Reflect projectiles, and heal yourself.
Mantra of Recovery.png Mantra of Recovery 20.25¼ 10 Mantra. Meditate, charging a spell that will instantly heal you when activated. Heal yourself and nearby allies when this spell fully charges.
ChainPower Return.png Power Return 1 Instantly heal yourself. Receive increased healing if you are below the health threshold.
Signet of the Ether.png Signet of the Ether 1 30 Signet Passive: Heal yourself whenever you summon an illusion.
Signet Active: Heal yourself and reduce the recharge of phantasm skills.

Virtuoso: Passive triggers when stocking a blade.

Chronomancer icon small.png Chronomancer

Well of Eternity.png Well of Eternity Not available underwater 0.25¼ 30 Well. Create a well that rewinds time, removing conditions from allies. When it expires, the well heals all allies in the area.

Mirage icon small.png Mirage

False Oasis.png False Oasis Not available underwater 0.75¾ 25 Deception. Create a mirage at your current location and heal over time. When the mirage expires, it spawns a mirage mirror.

Virtuoso icon small.png Virtuoso

Twin Blade Restoration.png Twin Blade Restoration 1 20 Psionic. Heal yourself, lose conditions, and throw two blades at your target. If the first blade hits, you gain aegis. If the second blade hits, you gain vigor.

Necromancer icon small.png Necromancer

Consume Conditions.png Consume Conditions 10.25¼ 30 Corruption. Feast on your conditions, gaining health for each one consumed. You become vulnerable.
Summon Blood Fiend.png Summon Blood Fiend 10.5½ 16 Minion. Summon a blood fiend that transfers health to you on each attack.
ChainTaste of Death.png Taste of Death 0.75¾ Sacrifice your blood fiend to heal yourself.
Signet of Vampirism.png Signet of Vampirism 10.25¼ 24 Signet Passive: Steal health from nearby foes while in combat.
Signet Active: Heal yourself and mark a foe. Allied players will siphon life from the marked enemy.
Well of Blood.png Well of Blood 1 25 Well. Conjure a well of blood to heal allies.

Reaper icon small.png Reaper

"Your Soul Is Mine!".png "Your Soul Is Mine!" 0.75¾ 16 Shout. Heal yourself, gain life force, and strike foes around you, absorbing additional life force from each foe struck. Deal additional damage and gain bonus life force when striking foes in melee range.

Scourge icon small.png Scourge

Sand Flare.png Sand Flare 0.75¾ 25 Punishment. Gain barrier. Convert a boon on nearby enemies into torment.

Harbinger icon small.png Harbinger

Elixir of Promise.png Elixir of Promise 0.5½ 25 Elixir. Infuse an elixir with the promise of good health, healing yourself and gaining regeneration, and then toss the elixir at the targeted area, poisoning foes. If you are in the splash area of the elixir, gain Blight.

If you are at or above the Blight threshold when you activate this skill, consume that amount of Blight to double damage and condition duration.

Racial healing skills[edit]

Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Human tango icon 20px.png Human

Prayer to Dwayna.png Prayer to Dwayna Not available underwater 1 30 Beseech Dwayna to restore your health.

Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari

Healing Seed.png Healing Seed Not available underwater 1 45 Create a healing seed at targeted location which periodically gives nearby allies regeneration.

Mount healing skills[edit]

The following skills are unlocked and available on all mounts when their respective mastery is fully trained.

Skill Recharge time Description Mastery
6 Bond of Life.png Bond of Life 180 Temporarily grant your mount the use of your own health pool at the risk of being downed in your mount's place. Bond of Life (mastery).png Bond of Life

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