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Survivals are a skill type that apply survival-skill effects.

List of survival skills[edit]

Survival training.
Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Ranger icon small.png Ranger

Troll Unguent.png Troll Unguent 0.75¾ 20 Survival. You and your pet regenerate health over time.
Lightning Reflexes.png Lightning Reflexes 24 Survival. Evade back with a crack of lightning, dealing damage and gaining vigor.
Muddy Terrain.png Muddy Terrain Not available underwater 0.75¾ 20 Survival. Use mud to cripple, slow, and immobilize foes.
Quickening Zephyr.png Quickening Zephyr 35 Survival. You and your pet gain quickness and superspeed.
Sharpening Stone.png Sharpening Stone 30 Survival. Bleed foes with your next few attacks.
Entangle.png Entangle Not available underwater 0.75¾ 60 Survival. Entangle foes around you with vines. Entangled foes bleed and are immobilized until the vines are destroyed.

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