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Effect type
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Block the next incoming attack; stacks duration.

— In-game description

Aegis is a boon which will block the single next incoming attack of any kind. The boon will be removed after an attack is blocked or if its duration expires. It is primarily, but not exclusively, used by the Guardian Profession.

Blocking with Aegis from any source (granted by the self or by another) triggers the block effect for associated traits and runes.

Related skills[edit]

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Healing skills that grant aegis

Utility skills that grant aegis

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Profession mechanic skills that grant aegis

Pet skills that grant aegis

Skills that convert burning into aegis

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Common skills that grant aegis

Related traits[edit]

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Traits that grant aegis

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Traits that improve aegis

Traits that benefit from aegis[edit]

Traits that convert burning into aegis[edit]

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Related equipment[edit]

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Relics that grant aegis[edit]

Upgrade components that grant aegis[edit]


Upgrade components that improve aegis[edit]

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  • Burning.png Burning can be converted into 5 seconds of Aegis.png Aegis.
  • Aegis.png Aegis can be corrupted into 1 stack of Burning.png Burning for 3 seconds.
  • The boon's visual effect is an illusionary crystalline, wing-shaped shield on the player's left arm.
A guardian's aegis is triggered within several activities even when it is not visible on the guardian. This disrupts several activities as the aegis may absorb hits even from friendly players (e.g.: Keg disappears in Keg brawl, Crab is absorbed and disappears in Crab Toss).

Version history[edit]

Patch Changes
August 28, 2012 Game release:
  • Aegis has been added to the game.