Shadowstep (mechanic)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the mechanic shadow step. For the skill of the same name, see Shadowstep.

Shadowstep is a mechanic that allows the user to move instantly from one location to another. Unlike teleport, most shadowstep skills require a target (some skills require a target area instead) in order to perform a move. Shadowstepping usually allows the player to move horizontally as long the position can be reached normally by moving on the ground without jumping. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to be completely unable to use a ground targeted shadowstep skill in certain types of terrain, notably on/around many walls in WvW. Shadowstep skills will not activate if a valid path to the target point cannot be found, except when it acts as a stun breaker. Shadowstepping will also ignore Immobile effects and relocate the player, but will not cancel the condition.

Some shadowsteps require their target to be in range to execute, such as Illusionary Ambush, but other shadowsteps will move the player towards their target by up to their maximum range even if their target is out of range, such as Infiltrator's Strike.

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  • In the original Guild Wars, there was a mechanic with a similar effect.