Deadly Arts

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Specialization background.

Deadly Arts.png Deadly Arts is a core specialization for the thief that focuses on improving daggers, poison and stealing.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Serpent's Touch.png Serpent's Touch Stealing inflicts poison. While in the downed state, your attacks apply poison.
Major Adept Dagger Training.png Dagger Training Gain bonus power, which is increased when wielding a dagger.
Major Adept Mug.png Mug Deal damage and gain life when stealing. This attack cannot critically hit enemies.
Major Adept Deadly Ambition.png Deadly Ambition Inflict poison when striking a foe with a dual wield attack. Gain increased condition damage.
Applies poison once per attack use.
Minor Master Lotus Poison.png Lotus Poison 10 Weaken targets when you poison them.
Major Master Even the Odds.png Even the Odds Apply vulnerability when you steal. Gain might when you hit with a stealth attack.
Major Master Panic Strike.png Panic Strike 20 Immobilizing a foe poisons them. Striking a foe that is below the health threshold immobilizes them.
Major Master Revealed Training.png Revealed Training Gain power, then gain extra power while you are revealed.
Minor Grandmaster Exposed Weakness.png Exposed Weakness Deal more damage to your target for each unique condition on them.
Major Grandmaster Potent Poison.png Potent Poison Increased poison duration. Poison deals increased damage. Other Deadly Arts traits apply additional poison stacks.
Major Grandmaster Improvisation.png Improvisation 20 You can use stolen skills twice. Recharge one random equipped utility skill when you steal.
Goes on cooldown regardless of if a utility skill is recharged. Does not affect inactive sequence skills.
Major Grandmaster Executioner.png Executioner Deal extra damage when your target is below the health threshold.
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