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Disambig icon.png This article is about the warrior trait line. For player-related statistic, see Defense (attribute).
Specialization background.

"The best offense is a good defense."

Defense focuses on enduring damage and recovering from injury. Shrug off debilitating conditions and survive the assault from your foes.

— In-game description


Defense is a core specialization for the warrior that favors enduring of damage.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Thick Skin.png Thick Skin Gain protection when you use a healing skill.
Major Adept Shield Master.png Shield Master Reflect missiles whenever you are blocking. Gain adrenaline when you block an attack or reflect a missile.
Major Adept Dogged March.png Dogged March 10 Reduce the duration of movement-impeding conditions and gain regeneration when you are affected by one of these conditions.
Major Adept Cull the Weak.png Cull the Weak 5 Deal strike damage to weakened foes. Burst skills inflict weakness. Can only occur once per interval per target for multihit burst skills.
Minor Master Adrenal Health.png Adrenal Health Gain health based on adrenaline spent.
Major Master Defy Pain (warrior trait).png Defy Pain Cast Lesser Endure Pain when you use an elite skill.
Major Master Resilient Roll.png Resilient Roll Gain resistance when you dodge.
Major Master Merciless Hammer.png Merciless Hammer Hammer and mace skills deal increased damage when striking a disabled or defiant foe. Gain adrenaline when you disable a foe.
Disables include stun, taunt, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, fear, and launch.
Minor Grandmaster Hardened Armor.png Hardened Armor 15 Gain resolution when you block or are struck by a critical hit. Strike damage taken is reduced by a percentage while you have resolution.
Major Grandmaster Last Stand.png Last Stand Stances grant vigor and barrier when activated, and they have increased duration.
Major Grandmaster Cleansing Ire.png Cleansing Ire Gain adrenaline when hit. Remove a condition when you hit with a burst skill, then remove an additional condition for every bar of adrenaline spent.
Major Grandmaster Stalwart Strength.png Stalwart Strength 0.25¼ Gain stability when you disable a foe. Deal increased strike damage while you have stability.
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Version history[edit]

For a detailed specialization history, see here.