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An attack or a hit is an action intended to cause Damage.png Damage on a specific target or area. Player attacks are tied to the activation of skills. Typically, the first weapon slot skill doesn't have a recharge and is often a chain skill. Players can set a skill to auto-attack, activating on recharge until cancelled. Non-player characters are not tied to the player skill system and often have special attack abilities (also known as monster skills).

Some attacks deal more damage when flanking – striking the target from the side or back (or above in underwater combat) - some skills specifically increase their effect or damage when striking an enemy from behind, such as Backstab or Concussion Shot.

Attacking out of range results in no damage. Most skills have their effective range clearly stated in skill tooltip. Some skills may also be affected by range in other ways, such as dealing increased damage from close or far.

Most skills can be used while moving and some require the character to stand still for their activation time, while Leap or Retreat skills cause movement.

Combos can be triggered to cause additional conditions, granting boons to allies near the attack or other effects.


  • The game does not differentiate between attack types like in the original Guild Wars. Spells and other skills which don't directly involve attacking with your weapon are still considered attacks.
  • Might increases damage done by attacks and Fury increases critical hit rate of attacks.
  • Conditions which cause damage - bleeding, burning, poisoned and confusion - deal more damage with secondary attribute Condition Damage.
  • The warrior mechanic of adrenaline gain is tied to the player attacking.

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