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Condition Duration.png Condition Duration is a secondary attribute that increases the duration of outgoing conditions. A character's Condition Duration may be increased by various means, including equipment and consumables. It is also increased by the secondary attribute Expertise, at a rate of 1% per 15 points in Expertise.

As with other attributes, bonuses to Condition Duration stack additively. Condition Duration, like Boon Duration, has a ceiling of 100%, at which point a condition lasts twice as long. In the absence of other modifiers, the duration of an outgoing condition is given straightforwardly by

[outgoing] = [base] * (1 + [Condition Duration]),

where percentages are expressed in decimal.

Relationship to other modifiers[edit]

Some modifiers directly affect the duration of an outgoing condition, without changing the Condition Duration attribute at all. These are single-Condition Duration modifiers, and can be separated into two categories determined by how the modifier is applied. Modifiers in the first category are affected by the ceiling on the Condition Duration attribute, whereas modifiers in the second category are not. Generally, information given in-game (for example, in skill tooltips) makes no semantic distinction between the two kinds of modifier, despite their dissimilar actions.

Modifiers affected by Condition Duration cap[edit]

Almost all condition-specific modifiers fall into this category. These modifiers are generally independent of the means by which the condition is inflicted. That is, this kind of bonus will be processed for any application of the specified condition by the player.

For a bonus of this type, the bonus to the specific condition's duration stacks additively with the bonus from Condition Duration, up to a maximum of 100% bonus duration for the specific condition. The outgoing duration of the modified condition is given by

[outgoing] = [base] * (1 + MIN{ 1, [specific modifier] + [Condition Duration] } ).

For example, suppose a player uses a skill that inflicts poisoned and torment, each with a base duration of 10 seconds. If the player has 0% Condition Duration and no duration modifiers from other sources, then 10 seconds of each condition are inflicted. If instead, the player has 90% Condition Duration and a "+20% Poisoned.png Poisoned Duration" bonus, then the same skill will inflict poison for 20 seconds, and torment for 19 seconds.

The total bonus duration to individual conditions can be viewed in the equipment tab of the hero panel, by hovering over Condition Duration.png Condition Duration. This information is only displayed for conditions with a bonus from this category.

Modifiers unaffected by Condition Duration cap[edit]

Modifiers in the second category come from traits, and are therefore limited in availability by one's profession and equipped specializations. Unlike the first category, these modifiers are skill-specific: they modify the duration of an outgoing condition only when a specified skill is the source. Put another way, these are skill modifiers that give a longer base duration to the condition applied by the skill. Examples include Lingering Curse and Chemical Rounds.

Since these modifiers actually replace the base duration of a condition with an upgraded version, the outgoing duration is given by the usual equation (substituting the new base for the old one). These modifiers are therefore unaffected by the Condition Duration ceiling, and remain effective even when combined with 100% bonus Condition Duration. This results in an apparent duration increase of greater than 100% in some cases; with respect to the mechanics, however, the bonus condition duration is 100%, and the base duration is longer. For traits that modify the duration by a percentage increase, this can be expressed as

[outgoing] = [base (unadjusted)] * (1 + [trait]) * (1 + MIN{ 1, [specific modifier] + [Condition Duration] } ).

This also illustrates that trait modifiers to the apparent duration stack multiplicatively with Condition Duration. Thus, for example, with 100% Condition Duration and a +50% duration increase from traits, the affected outgoing condition will have 300% of the original (unadjusted) base duration.

Rounding and damage packets[edit]

Skill's tooltips will show the duration of conditions rounded to the nearest quarter of a second (0s, ¼, ½, ¾ and 1s). Conditions which inflict damage over time (bleeding, burning, torment and poisoned) deal damage each full second and a fractional damage either at the beginning or end of their duration. The fractional duration of any condition is rounded up to the nearest multiple of 0.04 seconds (due to the 25Hz calculation rate of Guild Wars 2's servers). Thus, if a skill that inflicts poison with a duration of 6 seconds has its duration increased to 6.89 seconds, it will show 7s in its tooltips, will deal 6 full damage ticks, and fractional damage one time equal to 92% of a full tick.

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Utility skills that increase condition duration[edit]

Utility skills that reduce incoming condition duration[edit]

Related traits[edit]

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Traits that increase condition duration[edit]

Traits that reduce incoming condition duration[edit]

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To see the equipment which relate to a specific condition, refer to the page on that condition. The following is a list of equipment related to non-specific conditions

Equipment prefixes that increase condition duration[edit]

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Relics that increase condition duration[edit]

Upgrade components that increase condition duration[edit]


Upgrade components that decrease incoming condition duration[edit]

Related consumables[edit]

Consumables that increase condition duration[edit]

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Consumables that decrease condition duration[edit]

Req. Level Name Condition Duration.png Condition Duration Duration (Minutes) Other Effect(s)
5 Bowl of Simple Poultry Soup.pngBowl of Basic Poultry Soup -4% 15 +10 experience from kills
10 Bowl of Simple Poultry Soup.pngBowl of Simple Poultry Soup -4% 30 +10 experience from kills
25 Bowl of Clam Chowder.pngBowl of Clam Chowder -8% 30 +10 experience from kills
30 Loaf of Rosemary Bread.pngLoaf of Rosemary Bread -6% 30 Incoming Damage reduced by 14% while knocked down, knockedback, or stunned, +10 experience from kills
40 Bowl of Dilled Clam Chowder.pngBowl of Dilled Clam Chowder -12% 30 +40 Vitality.png Vitality, +10 experience from kills
45 Slice of Spiced Bread.pngSlice of Spiced Bread -10% 30 Incoming Damage reduced by 16% while knocked down, knockedback, or stunned, +10 experience from kills
55 Bowl of Chickpea and Poultry Soup.pngBowl of Chickpea and Poultry Soup -16% 30 +50 Vitality.png Vitality, +10 experience from kills
60 Loaf of Tarragon Bread.pngLoaf of Tarragon Bread -14% 30 Incoming Damage reduced by 18% while knocked down, knockedback, or stunned, +10 experience from kills
65 Bowl of Poultry and Leek Soup.pngBowl of Poultry and Leek Soup -18% 30 +60 Vitality.png Vitality, +10 experience from kills
80 Bowl of Lemongrass Poultry Soup.pngBowl of Lemongrass Poultry Soup -20% 30 +70 Vitality.png Vitality, +10 experience from kills
80 Loaf of Saffron Bread.pngLoaf of Saffron Bread -20% 30 -20% Incoming Damage while Stunned, Knocked Down, or Knocked Back, -20% Incoming Condition Duration, +10% Experience from Kills
80 Sweet Bean Bun.pngSweet Bean Bun -20% 30 -20% Incoming Condition Duration, +70 Expertise, +25% Magic Find during Lunar New Year


  • During beta, Condition Duration was named Expertise.
  • The diamond-shaped icon for this attribute (and for Condition Damage) is a relic of early development, when all conditions had diamond-shaped icons in different colors, instead of the uniform red icons they have now.
  • Clean Refreshing Drink is a consumable that is not a utility effect or a nourishment and reduces Incoming Condition Duration by 10%. Its effect stacks with other consumables but will be removed upon leaving the current zone.