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Legendary Renegade Stance

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Legendary Renegade Stance

Not available underwater  
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Legendary Renegade Stance

Invoke the power of the legendary charr renegade, Kalla Scorchrazor.

— In-game description

Legendary Renegades are members of Kalla Scorchrazor's warband that are summoned from the Mists to apply various effects in a target area. These skills have a brief wind-up before immediately affecting enemies or allies in the area. Each of these skills, excluding  Soulcleave's Summit.png Soulcleave's Summit, have a bonus effect called Band Together. This effect causes the following Legendary Renegade Skill to have enhanced effects and have no cast time.

This stance cannot be used underwater.


Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Energy/Upkeep cost Tango-recharge-darker.png Description


Breakrazor's Bastion.png Breakrazor's Bastion Not available underwater 0.75¾ 5 30 Legendary Renegade. Summon Era Breakrazor to heal your allies while shielding them from condition damage.

Band Together. After using this skill, your next Legendary Renegade skill activates instantly and is enhanced. When this skill is enhanced, it also grants barrier to nearby allies.


Razorclaw's Rage.png Razorclaw's Rage Not available underwater 0.5½ 25 15 Legendary Renegade. Summon Centurion Jas Razorclaw from the Mists to strike nearby enemies and enhance the attacks of your allies.

Band Together. After using this skill, your next Legendary Renegade skill activates instantly and is enhanced. When this skill is enhanced it also inflicts torment on enemies that it strikes.
Darkrazor's Daring.png Darkrazor's Daring Not available underwater 0.5½ 25 12 Legendary Renegade. Summon Kus Darkrazor to disrupt your enemies.

Band Together. After using this skill, your next Legendary Renegade skill activates instantly and is enhanced. When this skill is enhanced it also grants resistance to nearby allies.
Icerazor's Ire.png Icerazor's Ire Not available underwater 0.5½ 20 10 Legendary Renegade. Summon Visk Icerazor from the Mists to magically bombard your enemies with debilitating conditions.

Band Together. After using this skill, your next Legendary Renegade skill activates instantly and is enhanced. When this skill is enhanced it also inflicts chilled on enemies that it strikes.


Soulcleave's Summit.png Soulcleave's Summit Not available underwater 0.5½ 5 / -5 3 Legendary Renegade. Summon Lieutenant Ofela Soulcleave to grant your allies' strikes incredible bloodthirst, inflicting damage and restoring health. Soulcleave will also strike enemies and heal allies in the area when you use a Legendary Renegade skill.
Lieutenant Soulcleave can only empower players to siphon life once per interval, and does not benefit nonplayers.
ChainDismiss Lieutenant Soulcleave.png Dismiss Lieutenant Soulcleave Order Ofela Soulcleave to leave the field.

Related traits[edit]

Corruption Corruption

Retribution Retribution

Salvation Salvation

Invocation Invocation


Upon activating Renegade Stance:

Kalla: Warband in position.
Kalla: Fate, meet fist!
Kalla: The time is at hand for a reckoning!
Kalla: This is our fight.

Using Heroic Command:

Kalla: Cast down the oppressors!
Kalla: Freedom must be earned, not given!
Kalla: What've YOU fought for?

Using Citadel Bombardment:

Kalla: Bring the thunder!
Kalla: Signal the Citadel!
Kalla: Ordnance, incoming!
Kalla: We ARE legion!

Using Orders from Above:

Kalla: On the double!
Kalla: Never. Surrender.
Kalla: Move, soldier!
Kalla: Time for a revolution!

Summoning Era Breakrazor:

Kalla: Back me up!

Summoning Centurion Jas Razorclaw:

Kalla: Blood Legion, see it done.

Summoning Visk Icerazor:

Kalla: Iron Legion, put your backs into it!

Summoning Kus Darkrazor:

Kalla: Ash Legion, fall in!

Summoning Ofela Soulcleave:

Kalla: Lieutenant, take the field!

Idle conversations[edit]

Kalla: I understand you brought soldiers of all nations together to fight the dragons.
<Character name>: It's true. Defeating a dragon took the strength of all five races.
Kalla: You strike me as someone who never gives up. I like that.
<Character name>: You never know when history will be watching.
If asura
Kalla: You remind me of myself as a cub. Young, scrappy...and tiny.
<Character name>: That's odd. My sarcasm detector is malfunctioning.
If charr (male)
Kalla: Do me proud, brother!
<Character name>: I treat all with honor. If they deserve it.
If charr (female)
Kalla: Do me proud, sister!
<Character name>: You restored our right to fight for ourselves. I will honor your sacrifice!
If human
Kalla: Not bad...for a mouse.
<Character name>: Oh, you acknowledge I've done things now? Progress!
If norn
Kalla: I like you norn—you're survivors. Much like my people.
<Character name>: Our legend shall be sung with the histories of old!
If sylvari
Kalla: Good thing you tree people weren't around when we were fighting the Flame Legion.
<Character name>: Sadly, the world remains a dangerous place.
Walking past the Statue of Kalla Scorchrazor in the Black Citadel
Kalla: Nice statue. Good to know history was watching.
If Scorchrazor's Dagger is in inventory
Kalla: They named a dagger after me? Some joker has a poor sense of humor.
If Scorchrazor's Fist is in inventory
Kalla: A mace? For me? I can get behind that. Blunt. Solid. Hits you in the face.
If Meat Pie is in inventory
Kalla: Oh. Hey. Meat pie! (sigh) I miss meat pies.


Primary article: Kalla Scorchrazor

Kalla Scorchrazor was a charr who led the rebellion against the Flame Legion and their domination of the other legions.


  • Applies the Legendary Renegade Stance.png Legendary Renegade Stance effect.
  • Summoning the Legendary Renegades requires both Line of sight and valid path to target.
    • When fighting on areas prone to not having Line of sight or path to target, the Renegade can briefly stand still and click on the skill icon to cast the Legendary Renegades at their feet.
      • This method does not require line of sight nor path to target, succeeding to summon the Legendary Renegades in situations where even aiming at the feet of the Renegade when casting would fail.

Version history[edit]

For a detailed skill history, see here.

Patch Changes
March 19, 2024
June 27, 2023
  • Summoned creatures now have locked defiance bars in PvE only.
July 07, 2020
  • Swapping legends can now be done in midair.
September 22, 2017 Path of Fire release:
  • Legendary Renegade Stance has been added to the game.