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Skyhammer map.jpg
Map of Skyhammer

The Mists

Skyhammer loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

-The first team to reach the score limit wins.
-Control capture points to earn points for your team.
-Defeat enemies to earn a small amount of points for your team.
-Maintain control of the Skyhammer cannon to call down lightning and vaporize your foes.
-Use jump pads to leap over walls and to land on top of raised platforms.
-Beware the translucent blue floor panels. They'll shatter after a couple of seconds.

— Instructions

Skyhammer is a structured PvP map, specifically a conquest map with three capture points. The map features vertical movement and the Skyhammer Cannon as the secondary mechanic.


Capture points[edit]

Event star (tango icon).png Capture the point (0)
  • Point A.png Point A (south)
  • Point B.png Point B (center)
  • Point C.png Point C (north)


Event star (tango icon).png Capture the Skyhammer (0)

Respawn areas[edit]

Secondary Mechanics[edit]

Skyhammer Cannon firing

Either team can access the Skyhammer Cannon, which is located in the center of the map. Players can access the cannon's room through the Skyhammer Access Gate after it becomes available at specific intervals—3 minutes into the match, 6 minutes in, 9 minutes in, and 12 minutes. Interacting with the gate causes an effect, preventing passage through the gate for a brief time:

  • Discombobulated.png Discombobulated — You have recently traveled through an asura gate. You must recover before traveling through another.

Once in the room, players can acquire the cannon by claiming the capture point there. Upon a successful capture, the Skyhammer will fire once on all three capture points for the capturing team and then become unavailable for a while, damaging and causing knockdown to enemy players who get caught in the area of effect and neutralizing any capture points that that team doesn't already own. It does not cause friendly-fire damage or knockback and the blast can be dodged.



  • Using a jump pad will affect the player with Magnetic Overload.png Magnetic Overload for three seconds, preventing them from immediately using that pad again.


  • There are at least four Sand Wurms at the bottom of the map.
  • Skyhammer was added as part of the Bazaar of the Four Winds release on July 9, 2013.
  • Skyhammer was given a large change in the April 19th, 2016 update. While allowing players to fall or be knocked off of the edge of the map was originally intended to be a strategic element of gameplay on Skyhammer, in reality it ended up doing a much better job of forcing players to spend a large portion of the match at the bottom of the canyon. As a result, the update removed the blue hexagonal panel floors that spread throughout the map, where shortly after being stepped on, the floor would temporarily disappear, often leading to a lethal drop, as well as by adding a barrier around the edge of the map to prevent players from falling or being knocked off.
    • The current in game description however, still refers to it as it was before the update, with the translucent floors.
    • It also reworked how the Skyhammer cannon worked, as originally, it was fired via interacting with the cannon, allowing it to be re-calibrated for the player's team and would allow players to aim it using Direct Lightning.

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