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Boon Duration.png Boon Duration is a derived attribute that increases the duration of all boons applied by the character by a fixed percentage. Boon Duration can be increased by using certain upgrade components, traits, some skills, and food consumables. Boon Duration cannot be increased beyond +100%.

Boon Duration is also increased by the secondary attribute Concentration, at a rate of 1% per 15 points in Concentration.

Relationship to other modifiers[edit]

Some modifiers come from traits, and are therefore limited in availability by one's profession and equipped specializations. Unlike the first category, these modifiers are skill-specific: they modify the duration of an outgoing boon only when a specified skill is the source. Put another way, these are skill modifiers that give a longer base duration to the boon applied by the skill. An example of this is Sphere Specialist.

Since these modifiers actually replace the base duration of a boon with an upgraded version, the outgoing duration is given by the usual equation (substituting the new base for the old one). These modifiers are therefore unaffected by the Boon Duration ceiling, and remain effective even when combined with 100% bonus Boon Duration. This results in an apparent duration increase of greater than 100% in some cases; with respect to the mechanics, however, the bonus boon duration is 100%, and the base duration is longer. For traits that modify the duration by a percentage increase, this can be expressed as

[outgoing] = [base (unadjusted)] * (1 + [trait]) * (1 + MIN{ 1, [specific modifier] + [Boon Duration] } ).

This also illustrates that trait modifiers to the apparent duration stack multiplicatively with Boon Duration. Thus, for example, with 100% Boon Duration and a +50% duration increase from traits, the affected outgoing boon will have 300% of the original (unadjusted) base duration.

Related skills[edit]

Utility skills that increase boon duration

Elite skills that increase boon duration

Profession mechanic skills that increase boon duration

Related traits[edit]

Traits that increase boon duration[edit]

Primary article: Concentration#Related traits

Related equipment[edit]

Upgrade components that increase boon duration[edit]


Boon duration is granted by the 2nd, 4th and/or 6th rune tier of the runes listed. As of March 05, 2019 all stats runes provide an additional 2.4% BD due to providing 36 points of concentration.

Rune Boon Duration Rarity Level Required
Minor Rune of the Water.png Minor Rune of the Water +2% Masterwork 0
Major Rune of the Water.png Major Rune of the Water +3% Rare 39
Superior Rune of the Water.png Superior Rune of the Water +25% Exotic 60
Minor Rune of the Monk.png Minor Rune of the Monk +2% Masterwork 0
Major Rune of the Monk.png Major Rune of the Monk +6% Rare 39
Superior Rune of the Monk.png Superior Rune of the Monk +15% Exotic 60
Minor Rune of Sanctuary.png Minor Rune of Sanctuary +2% Masterwork 0
Major Rune of Sanctuary.png Major Rune of Sanctuary +9% Rare 39
Superior Rune of Sanctuary.png Superior Rune of Sanctuary +15% Exotic 60
Minor Rune of Altruism.png Minor Rune of Altruism +2% Masterwork 0
Major Rune of Altruism.png Major Rune of Altruism +9% Rare 39
Superior Rune of Altruism.png Superior Rune of Altruism +15% Exotic 60
Minor Rune of the Traveler.png Minor Rune of the Traveler +2% Masterwork 0
Major Rune of the Traveler.png Major Rune of the Traveler +9% Rare 39
Superior Rune of the Traveler.png Superior Rune of the Traveler +17.4% (In Game shows this as 17.39) Exotic 60
Superior Rune of the Herald.png Superior Rune of the Herald +15% Exotic 60
Superior Rune of Surging.png Superior Rune of Surging +15% Exotic 60
Superior Rune of the Firebrand.png Superior Rune of the Firebrand +10% Exotic 60
Superior Rune of Durability.png Superior Rune of Durability +15% Exotic 60
Superior Rune of Fireworks.png Superior Rune of Fireworks +15% Exotic 60
Superior Rune of the Pack.png Superior Rune of the Pack +15% Exotic 60
Superior Rune of Leadership.png Superior Rune of Leadership +27.4% Exotic 60
Superior Rune of Radiance.png Superior Rune of Radiance +25% Exotic 60
Superior Rune of the Rebirth.png Superior Rune of the Rebirth +15% Exotic 60
Superior Rune of Hoelbrak.png Superior Rune of Hoelbrak +10% Exotic 60


Certain sigils can increase the duration of boons. This effect cannot bypass the duration cap of +100%.

Sigil Boon Duration Rarity Level Required
Minor Sigil of Blood.png Minor Sigil of Concentration +4% Masterwork 0
Major Sigil of Blood.png Major Sigil of Concentration +7% Rare 39
Superior Sigil of Concentration.png Superior Sigil of Concentration +10% Exotic 60

Related consumables[edit]

Primary article: Concentration#Related consumables

Maximizing boon duration[edit]

This table gives the optimum combination of equipment and consumable effects necessary to achieve the highest possible boon duration bonus. The foods and Utility Items have been expanded upon and might need some further insight and research to optimize for specific players

  • It does include some bonuses added to the bottom for AoE applicable boons
  • It also includes a suggestion for a Sigil which could be used instead of a Platinum doubloon
  • But the effects of those temporary boons are situational in how they can be obtained, and not permanent
Source Amount
Concentration from equipment
Ascended 4-attribute armor (Major)
376 (25.06% Boon duration)
Ascended 4-attribute armor (Minor)
Vigilant, Commander's, Minstrel's, Plaguedoctor's, Wanderer's or Ritualist's
207 (13.8% Boon duration)
Ascended 4-attribute weapons (Major)
215 (14.33% Boon duration)
Ascended 4-attribute weapons (Minor)
Vigilant, Commander's, Minstrel's, Plaguedoctor's, or Wanderer's
118 (7.86% Boon duration)
Ascended 3-attribute armor
Giver's, Harrier's
315 (21% Boon duration)
Ascended 3-attribute weapons
Giver's, Harrier's
180 (12% Boon duration)
Concentration total 4-attribute (Major): 591 (39.4%)
4-attribute (Minor): 325 (21.67%)
3-attribute: 495 (33%)
4-attribute armor (Minor)/3-attribute weapons: 387 (25.80% Boon duration)
3-attribute armor/4-attribute weapons (Minor): 433 (28.87% Boon duration)
Boon duration from trinkets Ascended [1]
6 Ascended 4-attribute trinkets (Major)
(This includes an ascended Backpack)
581 (38.73% Boon duration)
6 Ascended 4-attribute trinkets (Minor)
Vigilant, Commander's Minstrel's, Plaguedoctor's or Wanderer's
(This includes an ascended Backpack)
308 (20.53% Boon duration)
6 Ascended 3-attribute trinkets
466 (31.07% Boon duration)
18 Mystical Agony infusions (5 Concentration each)
+5, +7, +9
90 (6.00% Boon duration)
Concentration total 4-attribute (Major): 671 (44.73%)
4-attribute (Minor): 398 (26.53%)
3-attribute: 556 (37.07%)
Boon duration from trinkets Exotic (preferred) [2]
5 Exotic 4-attribute trinkets
Vigilant, Commander's Minstrel's, Plaguedoctor's, or Wanderer's (Allows for usage of 5 platinum doubloons)
210 (14% Boon duration)
5 Exotic 3-attribute trinkets
Snowflake (Allows for usage of 5 platinum doubloons)
319 (21.27% Boon duration)
1 Exotic 4-attribute backpack
Druid Stone, Living Druid Stone or Blooming Druid Stone
14 (0.93% Boon Duration)
Platinum Doubloon x6 (40 Concentration each) [3] 240 (16% Boon duration)
Concentration total 4-attribute: 464 (30.93%)
3-attribute: 573 (38.20%)
Boon duration from equipment
Concentration as boon duration Full ascended 4-attribute (Major): 1262 (84.13%)
Full ascended 4-attribute (Minor): 633 (42.20%)
Full ascended 3-attribute: 961 (64.07%)
Ascended 4-attribute armor/weapon with 3-attribute exotic trinkets: 898 (59.87%)
Ascended 3-attribute armor/weapon with 3-attribute exotic trinkets: 1068 (71.20%)
Superior Rune of Leadership (Full set) 27.4%
Superior Rune of the Water (Full set) 25%
Superior Sigil of Concentration +10%
Consumable effects (also see above)
Boon duration Food [4] 100 (6.67%)
Bountiful Utility item Varies
Mist Mobility Potion[5]
Large, Infinite, Omnipotion
(225 with Mistlock Singularities mastery and 150 agony resistance; 15%)
Subtotal from Consumable effects 6.67% + Utility bonus
Grand total (Ascended 3 attribute/Exotic trinkets) 106.20%[6]
Other Temporary effects
Facet of Nature—Dragon (Effect of Herald's Facet of Nature) 20% (as long as upkeep allows)
  1. ^ This build does allow for the full use of Agony Infusion and thus high level Fractals
  2. ^ This build allows for higher boon duration but sacrifices 10 of the 18 Agony Infusion slots
  3. ^ 1 on back item, and 5 on trinkets provided these are Exotic Trinkets (replace the default jewels, as they only give 10 concentration =~ 0.67% boon duration vs 2.67% for platinum Doubloon).
  4. ^ See Concentration#Related consumables for details.
  5. ^ Only within the Fractals of the Mists
  6. ^ As stated above, this is capped at 100%. However, there are some skills, traits that affect boons and conditions from specific sources and can exceed the cap.


  • The boon ends 1 second after the "Time Left" countdown shows "0 seconds"
  • Boon duration also affects boons granted to targets from converting a condition on them by you.
  • Boon duration cannot extend duration stacking boons (Alacrity.png Alacrity, Fury.png Fury, Protection.png Protection, Resolution.png Resolution, Quickness.png Quickness, Resistance.png Resistance, Swiftness.png Swiftness, Vigor.png Vigor) beyond the 30 second (or 60 second for swiftness) cap.


  • During beta, Boon Duration was named Concentration.