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Disambig icon.png This article is about informal combat arenas. For the point of interest, see Combat Arena. For the sPvP arenas, see structured PvP.

Combat arenas are places that are not a part of the main Structured PvP or WvW space and where players can hold PvP battles for 2 or more players in 2-3 teams. Fighting in a combat arena does not give any rewards (except for Custom Arenas) and has no associated achievements, it is just for fun and a way to test and compare builds. Arenas are open spaces where combat will not be interrupted by NPCs, enemies or events.

Using PvE Skills[edit]

These arenas use the PvE version of skills and your PvE equipment.

Arborstone Arena[edit]

The Arborstone Arena is unlocked by gaining access to Arborstone and then training the Entertaining Amenities mastery. It allows for fights between 2 teams of 1 or more players.

A screenshot of the Arborstone Arena, from the spectator stands. The square arena has raised stands all around. A single Kestrel Trainee NPC can be seen in the middle and several NPC spectators around the sides.
Arborstone Arena
Special features
  • There are no traps or obstacles available for this arena.
  • Offers a spectator mode.
  • An NPC Kestrel Trainee is in the arena, offering someone to fight if no other players are present.

Requires the End of Dragons expansion, a level 80 character and unlocking access to Arborstone. Once unlocked, the Arborstone Portal Scroll can be used to access Arborstone from anywhere in the world, or it can be reached from the entrance within Echovald Wilds. The arena entrance is upstairs north of the Trading Post and Guild Bank.

Guild Arena[edit]

Guild Arenas are a Guild Hall upgrade. Once unlocked, guild members can fight each other, or invite other players by forming a party to bring them into the guild hall. The arena allows for 2-3 teams to fight each other, or a free-for-all mode where all players can attack each other.

An image of the arena in the Isle of Reflection guild hall, showing a flat octagonal space with shallow steps on each side, a circle marked on the floor in the center, a teleporter on the right side and the arena proprieter NPC in the lower right corner.
Isle of Reflection Guild Arena
Special features

Obstacles can be added to the arena by guild members with the decorator privilege, which may affect the flow of combat within the arena.


Only accessible to guild members and those invited into the hall by a guild member. Players do not need to own an expansion to enter their guild's hall, provided it has been unlocked by the guild, but do need expansion access to enter other players' guild halls.

Guild members can access the hall at any time through the guild panel. Non-members need to join a party with a member and then walk to the entrance.

Using WvW Skills[edit]

These arenas use the WvW version of skills and your PvE equipment. As they are WvW maps, all characters will be scaled up to level 80.

Mists Arena[edit]

The Mists Arena is a part of the Edge of the Mists map. It allows for battles between 2 teams, each consisting of 1 or more players. It was created to offer a Guild vs Guild arena. There is an elevated area around the edges for spectators, accessed by selecting the spectator 'team'.

A view of the Mists Arena from outside. The Arena itself is obscured by the raised spectator platform around the edge. The entrance portal can be seen on the right side.
The Mists Arena
Special features
  • Players select a team when entering the arena and are not restricted by their server.
  • Siege deployment is blocked inside the arena.
  • The arena is a flat, round space with no obstacles.

All players, including free accounts, can access the Mists Arena at any time by using the WvW menu to go to the Edge of the Mists and then using the Gate to the Mists Arena in their team's home base. Using the WvW panel to leave will return you to your previous location.

Armistice Bastion Arena[edit]

The Armistice Bastion lounge includes an arena which is similar to the Mists Arena, but allowing for 3 teams of 1 or more players. It is also known as the Gladiator Pits. It includes a raised area around the edges of the arena for spectators.

Special features
  • Teams are selected when entering the arena, players are not restricted by their server.
  • Players are not restricted to the arena, once a team has been selected you can fight enemy players in any outdoor area in the map. (Attempting to enter the building will knock you down and teleport you to the arena.)
  • The warclaw can be used while fighting (if unlocked).
  • Mist-travel skills cannot be used while fighting.
  • Non-combatants can enter the arena, but cannot be attacked.

The Armistice Bastion Pass or Armistice Bastion Pass (2 weeks) is required to access the lounge. Players with the pass can use it to be teleported to the Armistice Bastion and use the pass again or use the Travel to Major Cities Mist-step Travel Skill to return to their previous location.

Obsidian Sanctum[edit]

The Obsidiam Sanctum is primarily a jumping puzzle but also includes a large dome, accessed through a tunnel from the starting arena, which was an early version of a Guild vs Guild arena. There are no restrictions on how many players can be in the area, except the map cap.

A screenshot of the domed arena, from the right of the entrance. The large, empty combat area can be seen with red and blue torches and drake statues around the edge. The arena is surrounded by stairs to an upper level.
The Obsidian Sanctum Arena
Special features
  • There are no teams; allies and enemies are determined by your World vs World server.
  • Players do not drop any loot when killed on this map.
  • The Warclaw cannot be used here and gliding is disabled.
  • Players can fight each other anywhere in the zone, not just inside the arena.
  • Participation will decay while in Obsidian Sanctum.

All players, including free accounts, can access the Obsidian Sanctum at any time by using the WvW panel. Using the WvW panel to leave will return you to your previous location.

Using PvP Skills & Equipment[edit]

These arenas use your PvP skills and equipment, set through the PvP panel. As they are PvP maps all characters will be scaled up to level 80 and have all their skills and specialisations unlocked.

Heart of the Mists Arena[edit]

The Arena is an area of the Heart of the Mists PvP lobby where free-for-all PvP is enabled. Anyone who enters will become hostile and targetable by anyone else within the arena. There are stands around the edge of the arena for spectators. There is no limit on how many players can enter the arena at once, except the cap on map population.

The free-for-all arena in the Heart of the Mists, a round area with high circular walls around the edges, a circulate grate in then middle with 3 stone pillars and a pile of rubble in a square around it.
The free-for-all arena
Special features
  • Killing players counts towards PvP achievements.
  • While in the arena players can use the special action skill Surrender.png Surrender to be defeated so they can waypoint out.
  • Players with access to Champion's Rest can activate traps and hazards in the arena.

All players (including free accounts) can access the arena at any time using the PvP panel to go to the Heart of the Mists. Using the PvP panel to leave the Heart of the Mists will return you to your previous location.

Custom Arenas[edit]

Players can create a custom PvP arena which is functionally identical to other PvP arenas but the player who creates it can set the rules, including restricting who can enter and the number of players on each side.

Special features

All the same features as normal PvP arenas, with the rules set by the custom arena's owner.


A Custom Arena Starter Kit is required to create a custom arena. Once created they are accessed through the PvP panel. Other players may need an invite or password to access a custom arena, depending on its settings.