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Disambig icon.png This article is about a revenant profession mechanic. For legendary-quality equipment, see Legendary equipment. For the precursor, see The Legend.

Legends are the profession mechanic for the revenant profession. Revenants can channel different legends of the Mists to invoke their powers, determining their set of slot skills: a healing skill, three utility skills and one elite skill.

All revenants start with Legendary Dwarf Stance in use, and from character level 11 onwards, another legend slot will become available, allowing revenants to use two legends simultaneously and swapping between them by invoking the other legend. Invoking a legend always has 10 second recharge time, but each legend can be individually swapped to another legend currently not in use when not in combat. Swapping a legend in this way does not incur the usual recharge time. Certain legends can be only accessed as a part of their related elite specialization.

List of legends[edit]

# Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Revenant icon small.png Revenant

F1 Legendary Assassin Stance.png Legendary Assassin Stance Invoke the power of the legendary assassin Shiro Tagachi.
F1 Legendary Centaur Stance.png Legendary Centaur Stance Invoke the power of the legendary centaur Ventari.
F1 Legendary Demon Stance.png Legendary Demon Stance Invoke the power of the legendary demon Mallyx the Unyielding.
F1 Legendary Dwarf Stance.png Legendary Dwarf Stance Invoke the power of the legendary dwarf King Jalis Ironhammer.

Herald icon small.png Herald

F1 Legendary Dragon Stance.png Legendary Dragon Stance Invoke the power of the legendary dragon Glint.

Renegade icon small.png Renegade

F1 Legendary Renegade Stance.png Legendary Renegade Stance Invoke the power of the legendary charr renegade, Kalla Scorchrazor.

Vindicator icon small.png Vindicator

F1 Legendary Alliance Stance.png Legendary Alliance Stance Invoke the power of the legendary champions Archemorus and Saint Viktor.

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Primary article: Revenant#Lore

The legends are not the actual persons, but rather Mist-echoes of them, the legends don’t necessarily have the full range of memories, knowledge & thoughts as the original person,[1] but they are still sentient, with opinions and personalities of their own.[2] As echoes, the invoked legends are often of a deceased person, but invoking a person who is still alive is not unheard of either.[3] Not every legend is thrilled about being invoked, such as Mallyx, who is offended at having his immense power being borrowed by upstart mortals.[2]

Different people may invoke different legends, depending on their personalities[2] or needs: Rytlock Brimstone has Glint, who also taught him the way of the revenant,[4] Mai Trin has Scarlet Briar, Gorea Halfcut has Kalla Scorchrazor, and Scholar Lutta has Saint Viktor, Archemorus, and Kaolai.


  • Legend swapping is instant, and can be activated whilst disabled.
    • You can swap legends whilst using a skill; even a legend skill.
  • As of the August 8th, 2017 patch, you can have idle conversations with the channeled legends. See each legend's individual page for dialogue.


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