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Disambig icon.png This article is about the combat technique. For blocking communication from other players, see Contacts and LFG panel. For other uses, see Block (disambiguation).

Blocking is a technique used to negate incoming attacks. A blocked attack deals no damage, no conditions, and no other special effects associated with the attack (e.g. teleportation). Some traits grant benefits during blocking, on a successful block, or when the owner gets blocked. Some skills are unblockable, a property that is listed in the skill description. Unblockable attacks ignore blocking which bypasses on-block effects. Traps are an example of unblockable skills.

Blocking a projectile destroys it and nullifies all its effects, including projectiles with pierce and projectiles that deal no direct damage (e.g. Infiltrator's Arrow). Note that certain projectiles (such as Captain Mai Trin's electric blast) cannot be blocked.

Projectile destruction is an effect similar to blocking that nullifies affected projectile attacks when struck, removing them from the field. Effects that destroy projectiles have no effect on melee, ground, or other attack types and also do not trigger effects that profit from blocking.

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Projectile destruction[edit]

See also: Reflect

These skills nullify projectile attacks but have no effect on non-projectile attacks. They do not activate on-block effects.

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Skills with special conditions that block projectiles
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Utility skills that block projectiles
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