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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Revenant-specific resource. For the resource required for dodging, see Endurance.

Energy.png Energy is a profession mechanic for the revenant, used as a resource for skill activation.


Revenant's energy bar with selected Legend (Jalis), current Energy level (50%), and amount of arrows presenting regeneration and degeneration of Revenant's Energy (currently +5% energy per second).

Energy functions similarly to the thief's initiative mechanic, although many of the revenant's skills additionally have a recharge time. Most skills (except auto-attacks) have an energy cost, ranging from 4% to 50%. Energy is replenished over time as indicated by the arrows to the left and right of the energy indicator. 1 arrow indicates that 1% of energy is gained or lost per second.

While out of combat, energy cannot go over 50%, and any energy over 50% is lost immediately upon leaving combat. While in combat, energy is able to drop to 0% and increase to 100%. When swapping to a new legend, the energy pool is instantly reset to 50%. As this is the only way to regain energy other than natural replenishment and using  Ancient Echo.png Ancient Echo, players will often swap legends when they have depleted their energy.


Certain revenant skills can be activated indefinitely, but, while active, they have an Upkeep.png upkeep cost which acts as a negative modifier to the energy regeneration rate. If energy reaches 0%, even if total regen is positive, all upkeep skills will end and go on a short recharge. There is a limit to the upkeep consumption at the maximum -10 upkeep (-5 total regen). Additional upkeep skills cannot be activated above this limit.

Skills with upkeep:

Recharge rate[edit]

Every arrow to the sides of the energy indicator refers to a single percentage unit of energy regenerated per second.

  • Without using any upkeep skills, the rate of energy regeneration is +5% (default), indicated by 5 filled arrows pointing right. It takes 10 seconds to reach 100% from the base of 50% (such as from entering combat), or 20 seconds to 100% from zero energy.
  • By activating  Impossible Odds.png Impossible Odds, the rate of energy regeneration is -1%, indicated by 1 arrow highlighted pointing left. Adding the cost of the skill - 5% - it takes 45 seconds to drain starting from 50% energy, or 95 seconds from 100% energy.
  • By activating  Facet of Strength.png Facet of Strength,  Facet of Darkness.png Facet of Darkness and  Facet of Elements.png Facet of Elements (2%, 2% and 1% upkeep respectively), energy regeneration is at 0, neither draining nor refilling.

Related traits[edit]

Traits that improve Energy


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