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Meditations are a type of skill available to guardians and spellbreakers.

List of meditation skills[edit]

Skill Underwater skills Hero point.png Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Guardian tango icon 20px.png Guardian[edit]

Litany of Wrath.png
 Litany of Wrath
2 0.25¼ 25 Meditation. Heal yourself. For a brief time, heal yourself based on a percentage of damage dealt to enemies.
Contemplation of Purity.png
 Contemplation of Purity
4 40 Meditation. Convert the conditions you are suffering from into boons.
Judge's Intervention.png
 Judge's Intervention
4 45 Meditation. Teleport to your target and burn nearby foes.
Merciful Intervention.png
 Merciful Intervention
2 40 Meditation. Shadowstep to an ally in the targeted area and heal around them. If no ally is present in the targeted area, this ability will not shadowstep.
Smite Condition.png
 Smite Condition
3 20 Meditation. Cure conditions and damage nearby foes. Deal more damage if a condition is cured.
Renewed Focus.png
 Renewed Focus
9 2 90 Meditation. Focus, making yourself invulnerable and recharging your virtues.

Spellbreaker tango icon 20px.png Spellbreaker[edit]

Natural Healing.png
 Natural Healing
Not available underwater 10.25¼ 25 Meditation. Lose boons and conditions, then heal yourself.
Sight beyond Sight.png
 Sight beyond Sight
1 Meditation. Reveal nearby foes and make your next attack a critical hit. Remove blindness.
Featherfoot Grace.png
 Featherfoot Grace
30 Meditation. Gain a burst of superspeed and resistance.
Imminent Threat.png
 Imminent Threat
0.25¼ 35 Meditation. Taunt nearby foes, gaining adrenaline for each affected foe.
Break Enchantments.png
 Break Enchantments
0.25¼ 15 Meditation. Strike foes around you and remove their boons. Deal more damage to foes that lose a boon.
Winds of Disenchantment.png
 Winds of Disenchantment
50.5½ 90 Meditation. Create an area of calm where foes cannot receive boons and lose boons every interval. Enemy missiles entering this area are blocked.

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Traits that improve meditations[edit]

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