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Meditations are a type of skill available to guardians and spellbreakers.

List of meditation skills[edit]

Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description

Guardian icon small.png Guardian

Litany of Wrath.png Litany of Wrath 0.25¼ 20 Meditation. Heal yourself. For a brief time, heal yourself based on a percentage of damage dealt to enemies.
Contemplation of Purity.png Contemplation of Purity 32 Meditation. Convert the conditions you are suffering from into boons.
Judge's Intervention.png Judge's Intervention 32 Meditation. Teleport to your target and burn nearby foes.
Merciful Intervention.png Merciful Intervention 25 Meditation. Shadowstep to an ally in the targeted area and heal around them. If no ally is present in the targeted area, this ability will not shadowstep.
Smite Condition.png Smite Condition 16 Meditation. Cure conditions and damage nearby foes. Deal more damage if a condition is cured.
Renewed Focus.png Renewed Focus 2 90 Meditation. Focus, making yourself invulnerable and recharging your virtues.

Spellbreaker icon small.png Spellbreaker

Natural Healing.png Natural Healing Not available underwater 10.25¼ 25 Meditation. Lose boons and conditions, then heal yourself.
Break Enchantments.png Break Enchantments 0.25¼ 15 Meditation. Strike foes around you and remove their boons. Deal more damage to foes that lose a boon.
Featherfoot Grace.png Featherfoot Grace 30 Meditation. Gain a burst of superspeed and resistance.
Imminent Threat.png Imminent Threat 0.25¼ 35 Meditation. Taunt nearby foes, gaining adrenaline for each affected foe.
Sight beyond Sight.png Sight beyond Sight 1 Meditation. Reveal nearby foes and make your next attack a critical hit. Remove blindness.
Winds of Disenchantment.png Winds of Disenchantment 10.5½ 90 Meditation. Create an area of calm in which foes have reduced incoming boon duration and lose boons every interval. Enemy missiles entering this area are blocked.

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