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Demons are malicious creatures most often born from shards of existence within the Mists that have turned corrupted by strong malignant forces. As demons are beings of malignant sentience, they are drawn to the energy of souls and to the worlds of the living. They are seen consuming souls, but more accurately feast on the suffering, despair, and the vital energy of beings both living and dead. Demonic hierarchy involves the strong consuming or dominating the weak while reveling in their feasts and victimization. At the same time, they hold an instinctual hatred of the living. Many intelligent demons are known to have entered into arrangements which allow them to prey on denizens of other realms or manipulate them.[1]

Some magically potent beings can turn mortals and spirits into demonic entities such as when the fallen god Abaddon turned his loyal human followers into demonic Margonites who experienced a physical transformation and did not die of old age.[2]


Because demons are mostly born directly from the Mists, they can come in a wide variety of forms, from grotesquely inhumane and monstrous to nearly identical to other species. After consuming a soul, they can digest it for centuries if not millennia for their own, twisted delight. In some cases demons may choose to feast on the memories of their victims instead, condemning the targeted prey into forgetfulness. If the demon which has devoured souls or memories is slain, the trapped essences will be released back to their rightful owners.[3]

A few demons such as Deimos are hinted to possibly be able to manifest from tortured mortals' psyches and emotions in areas where the barriers between the Mists and the realms of the living are thin.[4][5][6]


In the past, several demons worked for the alliance of Abaddon, Dhuum and Menzies. Demons like the Fortune Teller and Razakel took on human disguises and manipulated mortals such as Shiro Tagachi and Vizier Khilbron to further Abaddon's agenda before corrupting the souls of their prey. These manipulations led to catastrophes on Tyria such as the Jade Wind of Cantha in 872 AE and the Cataclysm of Orr in 1071 AE.[7][8][9] In 972 AE, a necromancer named Juedo summoned a demon known as Mang to Cantha via a forbidden ritual. The demon wrestled free, however, and terrorized the countryside for years until it was lured into a trap in the center of a great frozen lake where the elementalist Teinai banished it back to the Underworld.[10]

During Abaddon's attempt to usher in Nightfall and free himself in 1075 AE, demons began opening portals between Elona and the Realm of Torment to permanently merge the two realms while feasting on spirits and mortals whom they came across. Several demons joined the Kournan army of Abaddon's acolyte, Warmarshal Varesh Ossa, although they did not take orders from Varesh's generals as their loyalty lay solely with Abaddon and Varesh.[11] During this time, a demon known as the Hunger blinded Spearmarshal Kormir during the assault on Gandara, the Moon Fortress and hunted down Varesh's and Abaddon's enemies.


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  • Imps and fleshreavers are both types of demons, but do not use the mechanical race.


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