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The endurance bar is displayed above the health orb.

Endurance is a resource used to dodge incoming attacks. The endurance pool is shown as a yellow bar just above the health orb. Dodging requires 50 endurance to execute; each available dodge is represented by the filled segments of the yellow bar. The default endurance cap for all professions is 100, which means each character can normally dodge twice consecutively before needing to recharge.

Endurance recharges at a base rate of 5 endurance per second, which can be increased up to a maximum rate of 10 endurance per second. A number of skills, traits, and food items restore endurance or increase its regeneration rate. The boon Vigor, available to all professions, increases the regeneration rate by 50%.

Thief's elite specialization Daredevil increases the endurance cap to 150, allowing for three consecutive dodges.

Conditions that affect endurance[edit]

Boons that affect endurance[edit]

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Weapon skills that restore endurance

Healing skills that restore endurance

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Common skills that restore endurance

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Traits that increase endurance regeneration

Traits that restore endurance

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Foods that restore endurance[edit]

  • See Food (filter the table to "Endurance regeneration").


  • Some skills that consume endurance indicate it with the same icon that is used to indicate energy cost: a little bottle in a golden circle.
  • When regenerating endurance a small audio cue is played after reaching 50/100(/150) endurance letting you know you have another dodge to use.
Some skills that do not use endurance keep a vestigial Energy cost in their tooltips, depicted as a little bottle in a golden circle.


  • Prior to the Beta, endurance was instead known as energy, and there was an attribute called Willpower which increased a player's maximum energy. When attempting to dodge with insufficient endurance, the game still says "Not enough energy".
  • Prior to the Gamescom 2011 demo, energy was a long term resource used for the activation of active skills and maintenance of passive skills. Whenever a skill was activated, a percentage of the total energy was expended.