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The endurance bar is displayed above the health orb.

Endurance is the resource used to dodge incoming attacks to evade them. The endurance pool is shown as a yellow bar just above the health orb.

Each dodge requires 50 endurance, meaning that most characters (who have 100 endurance) can dodge twice in a row; the exception is the thief elite specialization the Daredevil, who has a total of 150 endurance. Endurance regenerates over time, at a base rate of 5% per second and a max rate 10% per second.

Conditions that affect endurance[edit]

Boons that affect endurance[edit]

  • Vigor.png VigorEndurance regeneration increased by 50%; stacks duration.

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Traits that restore endurance[edit]

Traits that prevent endurance restoration[edit]

Traits that increase the maximum endurance[edit]

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  • Some skills that consume endurance indicate it with the same icon that is used to indicate energy cost: a little bottle in a golden circle.
  • When regenerating endurance a small audio cue is played after reaching 50%/100%(/150%) endurance letting you know you have another dodge to use.
Some skills that do not use endurance keep a vestigial Energy cost in their tooltips, depicted as a little bottle in a golden circle.


  • Prior to the Beta, endurance was instead known as energy, and there was an attribute called Willpower which increased a player's maximum energy. When attempting to dodge with insufficient endurance, the game still says "Not enough energy".
  • Prior to the Gamescom 2011 demo, energy was a long term resource used for the activation of active skills and maintenance of passive skills. Whenever a skill was activated, a percentage of the total energy was expended.