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Vabbi (region)

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Map of Vabbi.

Vabbi encompasses a large portion of northeastern Elona, being comprised of deserts and savannahs with scattered cities and palaces. It was originally colonized by humanity in 42 AE under the leadership of the Primeval Kings, and became an independent province alongside Kourna and Istan after the Shattered Dynasty Era. While independent, it was ruled by Clansmarshals that were determined by their wealth, the wealthiest gaining the nickname Princes of Vabbi.

Now this whole area is part of Palawa Joko's Elona Kingdom and with the flight of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik much of the region is brand.


Early history[edit]

The northern province of Vabbi was known for its great wealth and refined culture. The merchant princes prided themselves on their large estates, thriving businesses, and patronage of the arts. Its provincial government, the Great Forum of Vabbi, is a plutocracy: only the richest princes in the country had the power to make laws. His legislature was openly democratic, but secretly, a merchant with influence had more power than a councilor with one vote.

The princes of Vabbi ruled the land. Most of the plutocrats sponsored large festivals and celebrations to show their importance and influence. The celebrations at the Vabbi estates were marvels to behold: dancers flourished in their elegant fashions, gourmets sampled the cuisine, revelers consumed epic amounts of alcohol, and cultured citizens enjoyed great plays and poetry. Heroes were welcomed at these festivals, where their heroism was celebrated in song and story.

The Vabbinos were effusive in their displays of self-importance, but they were also acutely aware of how dependent they are on other Elonians. The guards of the Vabbi estates watched over the northern range, while the citizens of the province's southern border depended on their neighbors in Kourna for their safety. Outside the walls of the great estates, danger was everywhere. Raiders knew secret passages through mountains and mines, and monstrous creatures roam the landscape. Fortunately, each generation of Vabbi includes idealists who dream of adventurous journeys across Elona. Every year new adventure stories appeared on the shelves of Vabbi's libraries, while actors play new heroes on the stages of Vabbi's theaters.

Guild Wars Nightfall[edit]

Vabbi was ruled by his clan marshals, also known as princes. The three most prominent princes were known as the Princes of Vabbi: Prince Ahmtur the Mighty, Prince Bokka the Magnificent, and Prince Mehtu the Wise. The Vabbians enjoyed various arts, from acting and dancing to painting. In at least one case, Vabbi's actors had their own clan: Lyssa's Jesters. Most Vabbians worshiped Lyssa, the patron goddess of the province. Vabbiano's army is not a united force, but guards of states and princes, most of whom are led by or affiliated with Prince Ahmtur.

Lands that do not constitute Vabbian holdings are infested with hostile plants, Harpys, hekets, and other beasts.

During the nightfall Vabbi joined forces with Istan and the Sunspears to stop Varehs Ossa in his madness to free the god Abaddon from his prison.

United Kingdom of Elona[edit]

In the year 1135 AE. Palawa Joko invaded Elona by conquering the provinces and diverting the Elon River, bringing famine to the provinces of Vabbi and Kourna. Vabbi was the first province to quickly surrender.

This entire area is now part of the kingdom of Palawa Joko, having been the first of Elona's three provinces to be conquered by the lich. Under Palawa Joko's rule, the people of the province have slowly been indoctrinated into the Vehtendi Academy by Palawa Joko's teachings, unerringly viewing him as a god-king. Because of this, the Awakened and the undead became deeply entrenched in Vabbian culture. The province retains the concept of princes ruling the nobility, though these princes and clan marshals have grown far more distant from their people compared to before Joko's reign.

During Joko's reign, what would become the Necropolis was built, a place where it would be used to awaken humans and make them part of his army of Awakened.

In 1330 AE, the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik traveled from the Crystal Desert to Vabbi, settling in the Kodash Bazaar where he briefly stopped here before flying south to the west of Kourna, Brand half of Vabbi's territory, especially in the area now known as Vabbi's Domain. This is where the great Battle of Kodash Bazaar was fought between the rogue god Balthazar, the elder dragon Kralkatorrik, and the awakened forces of Joko led by the Pact Commander along with other members of the Dragon's Watch.

Geography and climate[edit]

Vabbi is located north of Kourna and south of Dzalana. Bordering to the east with the Sulfurous Wastelands and to the south with the Crystal Desert.

Most of the region is green and where the Elon River flows which gives life to the region and makes the land fertile for harvest. Likewise, there are mines, plateaus, cliffs and highlands. It has a prosperous wildlife, where it is inhabited by plants, minotaurs, elementales and also inhabited by some Junundu Wurms.

Much of the region belongs to the United Kingdom of Palawa Joko, which is why it is inhabited by humans and awakeneds who have some settlements, such as The Necropolis, the Kodash Bazaar, the Garden of Seborhin, and has a Academy. But further north of the region is the Hidden City of Ahdashim which is inhabited by the djinn.

However in 1328 AE, the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik moved towards Vabbi causing the Dragonbrand to spread corrupting much of the place, creating minions.


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