Team Deathmatch

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the arena rule-set game mode. For the standard rule-set game mode previously known as Team Deathmatch, see Murderball.

Team Deathmatch is a structured PvP game mode following the arena rule-set.


In Team Deathmatch, the objective is to defeat the enemy players as quickly as possible. Players are placed in two teams of either 2 or 3 players.

  • Match winners are decided based on which team first wins three out of a possible five rounds.
  • Round winners are decided based on which team first defeats the other team in the time allotted.

Secondary Mechanics[edit]

If the match goes into overtime, several secondary mechanics activate:

  • Healing will be disabled and you will be Revealed to disable stealth.
  • The map slowly fills up with a field from the sides towards the center. This field will deal damage equals 20% of the maximum health to any player in contact with it per second until player is defeated, leaves the field, or wins the round.
  • See each deathmatch map for any additional secondary mechanic details.

List of team deathmatch maps[edit]