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Disambig icon.png This article is about the specialization. For the skill type, see Arcane.
Specialization background.

"The elements are at my command!"

The arcane specialization focuses on switching between elemental attunements, utilizing various benefits when jumping to a new element. Arcane abilities and traits also offer several ways to gain boons and additional boon duration.

— In-game description

Arcane (specialization).png

Arcane is a core specialization of the elementalist that focuses on general improvements, arcane utility skills, and the switching of attunements.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Arcane Fury.png Arcane Prowess Gain boons when you switch attunements.
Major Adept Arcane Precision.png Arcane Precision 3 Your critical strikes have a chance to inflict a condition based on your attunement.
Major Adept Renewing Stamina.png Renewing Stamina 10 Gain vigor when you critically strike a foe.
Major Adept Arcane Restoration.png Arcane Restoration Swapping attunements restores health.
Minor Master Elemental Attunement.png Elemental Attunement Grant a boon to nearby allies when changing attunements.
Note: This effect will not trigger when attuning to the same element.
Major Master Arcane Resurrection.png Arcane Resurrection 20 Cast Geyser when you begin reviving a downed ally. Geyser now partially revives downed allies. When you begin reviving an ally, you gain an aura based on your attunement.
Major Master Elemental Contingency.png Elemental Lockdown 1 When you disable a foe, gain a boon based upon your current attunement.
Major Master Final Shielding.png Final Shielding Cast Lesser Arcane Shield when you use an elite skill.
Minor Grandmaster Elemental Enchantment.png Elemental Enchantment Gain concentration and your attunements gain reduced recharge.
Major Grandmaster Evasive Arcana.png Evasive Arcana 10 Cast a skill when you dodge based on your attunement.
Major Grandmaster Arcane Lightning.png Arcane Lightning Arcane skills grant increased ferocity and have additional effects.
Major Grandmaster Bountiful Power.png Bountiful Power Deal increased strike damage for each boon on you.
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Version history[edit]

For a detailed specialization history, see here.