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Critical Chance.png Critical Chance is an secondary attribute that determines the probability that a strike damage attack will be a critical hit. It is displayed in percent, from the minimum 5% to the maximum 100%, at which point every hit becomes critical. Critical Chance is derived from the attribute Precision and can be increased both directly, for example, by the boon Fury.png Fury, certain skills, traits, and upgrade components, or by increasing Precision – primarily through equipment's attribute combinations as well as food and utility effects. Fury grants a flat 25% increase to Critical Chance in PvE game mode and 20% in WvW and SPvP modes.

Critical Chance is calculated separately for each single hit, including individual strikes in multi-hit skills. Without any bonus attributes from equipment, traits, skills, food or utility effects, a character's base Critical Chance is 5% independent of level. Critical chance displayed in the Hero panel can exceed 100%, but it won't grant any higher chance of critical hits above that number.

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