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Corruption (specialization)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the revenant specialization. For the necromancer skill type, see Corruption. For the effect involved in fighting the Risen Priest of Grenth, see Corruption (Shade effect).

Corruption (specialization).pngCorruption is a core specialization for the revenant that focuses on improving conditions and the Legendary Demon Stance.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Rampant Vex.png Rampant Vex Critical hits have a chance to cause torment.
Major Adept Replenishing Despair.png Replenishing Despair 1 Incoming conditions provide you a small amount of healing.
Major Adept Demonic Defiance.png Demonic Defiance 5 Using a legendary demon stance skill grants resistance for a short duration.
Major Adept Venom Enhancement.png Venom Enhancement 10 When you inflict torment you also inflict poison. Poison lasts longer.
Minor Master Opportune Extraction.png Opportune Extraction Steal a boon when you inflict torment on a foe affected by at least the threshold stacks of torment.
Each foe can only be affected once per interval.
Major Master Demonic Resistance.png Demonic Resistance Damage is reduced when you have resistance on you. Gain vitality based on a percentage of your condition damage.
Major Master Abyssal Chill.png Abyssal Chill When you chill a foe, you also inflict torment on them.
Major Master Spontaneous Destruction.png Spontaneous Destruction 25 Use Lesser Banish Enchantment when striking a foe that has at least as many boons as the threshold.
Minor Grandmaster Yearning Empowerment.png Yearning Empowerment Torment deals more damage and lasts longer.
Major Grandmaster Diabolic Inferno.png Diabolic Inferno 8 Burn nearby foes when using an elite skill.
Major Grandmaster Maniacal Persistence.png Maniacal Persistence 5 Lash out when you gain resistance, inflicting torment on yourself and nearby foes.
Major Grandmaster Pulsating Pestilence.png Pulsating Pestilence 10 Invoking a legend transfers conditions from you onto foes.
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For a detailed specialization history, see here.