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Aurene, a dragon.
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Dragons are powerful creatures which come in many forms and live across Tyria. They are reptilian beasts connected to various elements, most commonly fire. Unrelated to the ancient Elder Dragons bound to the All, most dragons are known as "lesser dragons" and include species like wyverns, drakes, hydras, and skyscales.[1] Some of them, such as skyscales, are capable of safely consuming magic unlike most mortals,[2] though others, like hydras, are not.[3] While some dragons, such as Glint and her scions, are capable of becoming Elder Dragons,[4][5] lesser dragons do not have this innate capability.[1] It is unclear what it is that separates those who could become Elder Dragons from the rest.

After the Cataclysm, the partial remains of a number of dragons were raised into undeath by Vizier Khilbron.

Dragons of all shapes, sizes, and origin have called Cantha home for thousands of years, since long before the tribes of old joined to form the human empire that took them as its symbol.[6] The Luxon Armada had many legends of the saltspray dragons. One tells of a time ages ago when a dragon king made a pact with a shipwrecked captain. In exchange for wind and guidance, the captain guaranteed that no Luxon would cause harm to a saltspray dragon. To do so would bring terrible luck.[7] That was before the dragons were driven mad by the Jade Wind.

List of dragons[edit]

This concept art, which resembles Canthan depictions of dragons, was used for the Mini Mystical Dragon.

In Guild Wars 2[edit]

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