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Vlast, a dragon.
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Dragons are powerful creatures that live across Tyria. Few dragons remain in Central Tyria in modern times, though in places such as Orr, skeletons of dragons were numerous, turned into undead by Vizier Khilbron after he became an undead lich. In Cantha, multiple breeds of dragons have flourished such as the Saltspray Dragons and Rockhide Dragons. These "lesser dragons" are not the same as Elder Dragons, who are ancient eldritch beings connected to The All and balance the magic of the world.

The exact nature of dragons remain unknown; however, it is believed that at least some of them can grow to eventually replace the Elder Dragons.[1]

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  1. ^ Hidden Arcana
    Ogden Stonehealer: The brotherhood believed that [Glint] would one day become an Elder Dragon. She was old and wise, well on her way.
    Ogden Stonehealer: You can imagine how it might have changed the world if she had survived long enough to become that powerful.